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Omni Delegates' Meeting - 06 April 2017 7pm-9pm


  • Introductions, Meeting Roles, and Delegates Count [10 minutes]
  • Announcements [10 minutes]
  • Bans [5 minutes]
  • Working Group Report-Backs [15 minuntes]
  • Member Collectives Reports
  • Proposal: Approve full adoption of all fiscally-sponsored projects [10 minutes]
  • Proposal: Omni Storefront & Welcoming Committee by ABDC [20 minutes]
  • Discussion Z: [10 minutes]


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Affiliation

  • Marcus, he/him, abdc, fundraising, finance
  • Robb, he/him, sudoroom, general purpose volunteer
  • Kazoo, we, abdc
  • Julian, he/him , baps, communications
  • Rachel, he/him, gws
  • Julio, he/him, commmons, sudo, finance
  • Joe, he/him, fnb, freelance commons, building
  • Lynn, she/her, commons, cleanup, president/princess (not her choice)
  • Ken, he/him, ccl, building
  • remote-jenny
  • remote-laura
  • Steve M, he/him, baps
  • Almaz, YES

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s: Marcus
  • Explanation of hand signals: "deaf applause", "raised hand", "point of process", "direct response"(wildcard), etc.
  • Stacktaker: Kazoo
  • Timekeeper: Joe
  • Notetaker/s: Julio, Julian, Kazoo
  • Vibe Reader: Lynn
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s): 4/20: Kazoo


  • ABDC: Kazoo
  • BAPS: Julian
  • CCL: Ken
  • CSC:
  • FNB: Joe
  • GWS: Rachel
  • LL: (inactive after this meeting)
  • Sudo: Robb
  • TIL: (inactive)
  • YES: (inactive) not a member collective - this is probably temporary
  • Quorum: 6/8 active, Yes


  • Rachel has cards for an event April 23rd 3pm: Dr. Maryse Narcisse (presidential candidate in Haiti before electoral coup) coming to Oakland
  • Joe: Anniversary of Peoples Park: Apr 23 12pm - 6pm
  • Ken: Bay Area Applied Mycology has a lab Sunday 4/9 2-6pm at CCL (including dyeing with mushrooms)
  • Ken: Temescal Street Fair, discussion about who migth want to participate
  • Ken: with rain today and this weekend, chanterelle season continues in the Oakland Hills
    • Let's have a field trip!
  • Marcus is feeling good
    • yay!


Working Group Report-Backs

Building & permits

Meetings: Mondays (6pm)

  • Robb: ordered cealing winches
  • Joe: we walked the roof two weeks ago, bubbles that
we need to deal with in the roof coating.  Robb hauled down most of the tarps and other stuff that is there.
  • Jenny: can call Vince for any roof repairs, fix leaks etc. His # is 510-453-6273- have him bill us
  • Joe: I agree with Robb that we can do all that.
    • jenny: ...all the roof repairs?
    • joe: yes. Robb
  • Robb: The areas that are leaking don't look bad, it's near the skylights
  • Ken: work in progress: 5 year plan for finance; sprinklers, elevator, kitchen, bathroom, skylights, sound barrier), south wall basement leak repair
  • jenny: also a trello board of tasks if anyone wants to add things that need fixing, or take on some task -



Meetings: Mondays at 1:00pm

  • Almaz: working groups can put budget together for specific things to help writing grants
  • Laura: Fundraisng WG would like to hold a joint meeting between us and Finance and Building to make - or decide upon a process to make - a medium term plan for building maintenance and upgrades. We need this plan for budgeting and fundraising. I am imagining this would be a longer than usual meeting, maybe on a weekend day, but could be weeknight.
    • Ken, and others recommend a Monday night in two or three weeks, need some prep time
    • Laura: May 1? I will work on a facilitation plan to make this as productive as possible
    • People think this is not a good day because there will be many actions for various causes that day May 8, 7pm?
    • The people agree with the 8th. The title? Building/Fundraising/Finance Joint Meeting? Sure
    • All power to the people!


Meetings: Second and Fourth Thursdays at 6pm

  • Jenny: Commons WG made $6,469.35 in March :o thank you commons wg!!!
  • Julio making a pitch to get more volunteers: best practices being implimented to make the work managable for all wg volunteers, e.g. non-generic email subject lines so you can easily tell what to attend to/what to ignore
  • Joe talking about certain events
    • Need help for Phat Beets event next Friday. The 14th; make sure cleaning happens before and after, security (if needed)
    • Julio and Lynn will be there to help. Jenny will come by too & Laura. It's a party! Ken is available, just grab him from CCL. Julian also will be there.
  • Ken: Kat Harrison on May 20. Is there a contract? Split between CCL and Kat Harrison. Jenny said Omni doesn't get anything directly. - i don't think i said that (jenny), not bottomlining any events for april or may (basically until taxes & prop tax exemption app are done) -
    • Laura: Ken said that in the fundraising meeting. We agreed that CCL needs the money and would pay most of it to the Omni anyway.
      • oh yeah, that makes sense fo sho
    • Julio will talk with Erique (from BAAM). Want to do this quarterly. I will talk about what makes sense to do contractually and with invoicing.


Meetings: First and Third Sundays at 5pm

  • Julian: there will be another newsletter in may. If we have time we can do a report back from collectives.
    • It's on the agenda below (cool thx)
  • Grant (new volunteer) has been recreating the old cool brochure, so now we have it.
  • Ken: What is the revision process (review from collectives to provide input to the brochure)? also suggestions about how to prevent the newsletter email from becoming some wild long thread
  • Julio: is it printed right now?
  • Julian: still figuring this out.
  • Julian: will hope to have a paper copy
  • Julio: to discuss or consensus?
    • Julian: to discuss ++
  • Julian: there will be biz cards in the front to give out for folks wanting to get involved w/ Omni
  • Julian - there is a new Omni urgent/rapid response Signal messenger group; if you want to be on that but aren't check in with Julian or Jenny
  • jenny: come to a comms wg meeting or email the comms list if you want to participate in messaging & outreach!


Meetings: Mondays at 6pm

  • Budget Spreadsheet is here, updated to reflect March actual income & expenses (see tabs at bottom): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rvkMc5lmd8PovoViNLdvlrv0tSyvrH7iB0SmGqaFec8/edit#gid=1673282501
  • Jenny sent out OOC (old-omni)'s 2014 & 2015 federal tax forms to 'consensus' yesterday for review by the board before filing. Planning to file them Friday, and then work on 2016 OC & OOC federal & state forms (due May 15)
    • They are also on the wiki here: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Finances#990_Tax_Forms (fyi 990s are legally required to be made public. for fun and research you can find most nonprofits 990s on Guidestar)
      • Are all the collectives required to report?
      • Report... you mean file 990s? Only independent orgs. Fiscally sponsored project income and expenses are covered by Omni (at least what goes through your bank subaccounts. need otherwise thorough income and expense statements if not eg gws)
      • do we need to file them with Omni, or on their own?

OMNI: ABDC, BAPS, Sudo, GWS, LibLens, Real Vegan Cheese

    • So these groups only have to submit annual income and expense reports (or more frequently), which were already sent for 2014 & 2015. Will reach out to groups I don't have accurate income & expense tracking for for 2016, but that's only GWS, ABDC and LibLens I need updates from, and not much is involved there - I think two unaccounted transactions for LibLens and 3-4 for ABDC. Unsure wrt GWS but we have an email thread running).

NOT OMNI (in a legal sense): CCL, CSC, FNB, Phat Beets, TIL, GCEA

    • These groups need to do their own taxes and other government filings
  • March total income was $12,358.19, total expenses $22,554.30 (repaid ~$13,000 in loans). End of March balance amongst all accounts was $19,715.73. Current collective income around $6,862 (down about $2K) due to loss of Agua Viva, GCEA/YES, deductions in CCL/sudo rent, fewer donations to BAPS, etc.
  • Expenses to decrease to ~16K for April, May, June, then down to ~$11K starting July.

ad hoc Security Culture

Meetings: mostly Tuesdays 5:30

  • Julian: Two meeting since last delegates.
    • Proposal: concern about having peoples names in meeting notes. remind people that it's not necessary to have ppl state their name in notes. Remind people that this isn't a private space. There will be a poster reminding ppl how they can respond to cops at the door.
    • oh dang! forgot to post it up >_<
    • Kazoo: There's a microphone in the center of the ballroom. Rob will disconnect for all of us healthy-paranoia types:)
      • jenny: that's a really good point. in the early days we asked people to give their name or nym...
      • Laura: This isn't a fully private space. Legally we must keep notes and record who was here in a way that we can demonstrate quorum after the fact, for example. We are a PUBLIC charity, legally.
        • for delegates, but isn't necessary for all meetings. also v good point though. aka tonight for the proposal below, once we consense i need to draft and sign a board resolution that includes names of the delegates.
        • ken: felt that ccl was disrespected that this working group was formalized after ccl left that meeting
          • jenny: that's what happens if you leave a meeting before it's over - most decisions for next steps happen at the end of the meeting/discussion. 2 ccl'ers were at the 1st of these meetings. not disrespect at all imo nor really about ccl - more about having conversations that have needed to happen for a long time.
      • Julian - emails about this working group were announced over discuss & folks were told to emia
      • Steve - had the impression Ken intentionally decided to leave w/ knowledge the discussion was still on the agenda
          • ken: would never leave a meeting if things were still open, he just misunderstood things were over. would never ever leave a meeting.

Member Collectives Reports (10 mins - 1 min each ;-) )

A coupla meetings ago we agreed to include member collective reports as a regular agenda item. What is going on with your collective? What are you working on? What have you accomplished? Any events coming up? Any difficulties you are encountering that you need help with?

  • we're skipping this this time
  • Julian - if you have anything you want to be in the newsletter send to julianfrancispark@gmail.com asap

Proposal: Approve full adoption of all fiscally-sponsored projects [10 minutes]

via Jenny, 3/30/17:

Greetings omninoms,

Just to dot all of our i's and cross all our t's, especially given the ridiculously extensive nature of the property tax exemption application, Jesse has suggested that the new OC board formally approve to fiscally sponsor the groups previously fiscally-sponsored by OOC (old-omni).

The following are 'new drafts' of each fiscal sponsorship agreement, albeit they're basically the same with the exception of changing the name of the sponsoring org from 'Omni Oakland Commons' to 'Omni Commons', and they are retroactively applicable dating 7 Dec 2016 (the date in which we officially acquired ownership of the building). In addition, I changed the bank account for Real Vegan Cheese from Bank of the West to Unify. Regarding the bank account and moving over the remaining sponsored projects (namely RVC and ABDC), we will need all authorized checksigners to sign a form and show up in-person simultaneously at Unify to authorize the accounts.

   Art Bison Design Coop: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12KZd8ihASDkeYjHDN0usYSyVCDwCNlktC1JapKnLVGI/edit?usp=sharing - check-signer(s): Kazoo

Kazoo can do so tomorrow or Monday.

   Bay Area Public School: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wa8AfEY9qngOQQk24RXJk9fKvFRHr4EelpuLDiudgMc/edit?usp=sharing - check-signer(s): Julian
   Global Womens Strike - Omni Collective: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J7y4npQfhUXwFD-i14azK2SDkAe_2OwbD-emtdVPz5c/edit?usp=sharing - check-signer(s): Lori
   Liberated Lens Collective: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14FBh2i7w8OYGcDT1cnpaaijBO2WzB002tufJxWtD7Co/edit?usp=sharing - check-signer(s): Liz
   Real Vegan Cheese: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XpSA-coNdIPIcm-7ucdxdjHVJN-Y925GwQ9xooXZRdY/edit?usp=sharing - check-signer(s): Marc
   Sudo Room: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1agNYQrkmES5yViFSsKvuDHmFbzy_4qyE9ieDsqF37pc/edit?usp=sharing - check-signer(s): Charley

  • When is the deadline to go to bank for check signers?
    • asap. so no deadline by bank? will make a doodle.
      • several groups unable to open or use new accounts (eg, abdc, liblens, real vegan cheese) because of the current cap on # of checksigners.


  • Yay: ABDC, CCL, BAPS, FNB, Sudo
  • Nay:
  • Abstain: GWS

Measure Passes

Proposal: Omni Storefront & Welcoming Committee by ABDC [20 minutes]

via Marcus, 3/31/17:

Greetings Omni,

ABDC is retracting our previous proposal to rent and occupy space in the front hall, we will continue only to pay for the ticket booth room. Instead we are seeking reinitialize Omni’s former Welcoming Working Group and steward the front entry hall.

In this stewardship we have several plans of action we want to execute.

   We would like to clean-out, finish construction work, paint and decorate the front entry way.
   We plan to operate a casual donation based café that any interested person can help operate.
   We would like to set up a merchandise selling zone with two or three racks where we display Omni, ABDC and other collective’s apparel & merchandise.
   We want to have one-day monthly printing showcases in the front hall where we show the public the silk-screen printing process.

1. Our plan is to spend one month improving the front hall space. We will clean, remove junk, patch holes, fill in missing ceiling tiles, paint and all around beautify the space. The front hall will consist of a mobile café zone, a merchandise zone, a mobile stage zone and seating/recreational space. We intend to keep everything mobile or easily moveable to ensure the space can adapt to the needs of any future events that take place there.

2. We plan to operate a casual cafe spot that any collective can operate [this part is not the formal proposal text] During that one-month improvement period we will also build a mobile coffee cart. This will be a simple donation based café, which we will staff and operate with ABDC members and other interested and committed individuals to ensure regular hours the public can rely on. We already have enough of our members committed to keep it open 4 days a week. The café will be an integral part of the Welcoming WG by keeping the doors open during operating hours. ABDC will manage the operations, supplies and finances related to running the café.

3. The merchandise selling zone will simply be some clothing racks or cases with which we can display material we have printed. This would primarily consist of Omni, Phat Beets and ABDC t-shirts along with any future designs from the other collectives. The same ABDC member running the café will also make the sales for the merchandise.

4. As part of our ongoing effort to bring in new members and introduce the public to silk-screening we want to host day-long monthly printing blasts where we print t-shirts or posters in the main hall as an activity the public can watch and interact with.


  • Steve: idea of having an infoshop kind of thing here is terrific. kind of already is here but really to do so need open hours
    • folks need to be able to be here w/o having to buy anything
    • in BAPS discussion, Steve was hesitant about the "merchandizing area" - but is pro "gallery space" for displaying art
  • Kazoo - regarding concerning selling stuff; everyone works for someone, we work for ourselves. 3 members of our collective are formerly incarcertated. our ethos is pro-empowerment, not for-profit. we will sell things & folks who don't have other jobs can learn with us how to make their own things to sell. Our collective provides free classes, and donation based printing opportunities.
  • Robb - perhaps not a good idea to have merchandise right here / out all the time.
    • Kazoo - when no one is staffing, the racks won't be out.
    • Robb - need the welcome folks to be looking after folk's roaming the space/not taking stuff
  • Almaz - there are various version of the proposal currently being discussed, and some places
  • Steve: 1: couches stay. 2: committee need to be open to allow ppl from outside to plan events. 3: any can sell stuff through the store
  • Joe: wants a free box in the zone
  • Almaz – how does the breakdown of profits share with Omni/individual collectives
  • Robb - feels strongly this should be a working group rather than thru ABDC; things that pertain to the whole Omni shouldn't be run by a single group. tho in effect this has happened in the past.
    • without a working group meeting time its not a working group. everyone has to be invited to participate and propose the group.
    • Ken - largely agrees with Robb w/ caveat that there have been various iterations of cafes making it work. trusts ABDC to get something going, even if small, before we get ambitions and assure the working group exists. someone getting something off the ground would be great where CCL et all & other artists/artisans could have an outlet for work produced
  • Marcus - ABDC isn't proposing to run/take over Welcoming Committee, but to get the space ready for the committee & also that their are members willing to staff some of the committee's open hours. the proposal is to let ABDC get the space ready
  • Robb - why can't this just get going as the welcoming working group meeting time? we need to revamp it. It is a money making thing to people to use this space to have meetings. Its a good space to have meetings
  • Lynn – people like the idea generally. What do we need to do to support this happening
  • Kazoo –
  • Robb – its not a baked proposal yet… can they just announce the time?
    • everyone interested should agree on a time to meet. woul
  • steve - proposal for the revamped welcomng working group including following priorities - schedule open space; clean up space so it could be a gallery; decided
  • jenny: "the committee" does not currently exist. would need to be rebooted by people with the energy to reboot it. sounds like that would be abdc members, robb, abe i would imagine (who stewards both the zine racks and the kids room). i'd be down to help with labor. a daytime or early evening (like 5pm) might be good so that visioning/painting type of work can happen in the light of day. fyi old welcoming committee wiki page is here for reference - https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Welcoming_Committee
  • Robb - we don't need to consense on anything new regarding having a new welcoming working group b/c the working group already exists
  • Almaz - its great that ABDC has energy for this; ABDC has been doing great work & deserves space to display their awesome work; this will work thru the working group
  • Marcus - should we email to arrange a time or state a time now? send a message out.
  • Kazoo - who would staff the working group - committed people: Lynn, Almaz, Marcus, Robb, Kazoo, Ken
    • Wednesday the 19th?

Discussion: Temescal Street Fair

  • Ken - I'm trying to collect the collectives that want to participate in the Street Fair. Ken will send out an email with further information. Getting involved in the Street Fair thru Omni will include discounted booths

Last Meeting Notes


End of Meeting