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Omni Building Working Group meeting notes, Monday July 31, 2017

attendees & updates

  • Jenny - work on finance wants to be liaison between finance & building & specifically on ADA bathroom. AMMR app maybe needs to be submitted?
  • Yar - sudoer. really really really wanna finish the wheelchair bathroom
  • Robb - SUdo Room member; does a lot of work around here
  • Sierk - sudo & fnb members, first bwg meeting, architect
  • Patrik - from CCL; wants to get rodents under control; they are still everywhere and being caught every day in CCL. More mice and small rats. PArticularly a prob for CCL because can contaminate experiments. Long term plan is still to put a plexiglass barrier between CCL & Sudo and the hall (but that is more for dust and access control - may not change rodent issue)
  • Aitan - works at O2 aritsans aggregate in W Oak as a project manager. He makes sure all the projects happens and happens smoothly. https://o2aa.com/
  • Laura - here to be a nudge - help with fundraising for the projects. haven't been successful so far. waiting to hear back from the ext

all the spreadsheets

laura's spreadsheet

laura's major maintenance and upgrades most recent merged list

david's list

made in january for accessibility meeting


has due dates, nags you

Projects in Progress

south wall

  • area of leak in basement identified and siding removed, still off
  • Have materials
  • Exterior S wall will need many new siding boards
  • yar - can we fit windows around there? Laura will ask this when the estimate comes in from Everest Painting and Waterproofing
    • robb - about 2ft of vacant space above the foundation

wheelchair bathroom

  • next step: AMMR
  • laws have changed?
  • rejected for 4k resist grant, maryanne tried
  • maybe 8.5k

Painting the entrance hall

  • Welcoming working group initiating and planning
  • Wall repair needs to be done first
  • yar happy to show up on paint day - jenny will contact marcus about buying the paint


  • basement areas need rat proofing
  • especially the boiler room
  • running along the top of the vents
  • to the left of the boiler room is an electrical panel... dug out from the outside
  • there are also roaches in the upstairs kitchen
    • the diatemaceous earth has not been effective; robb suggests borax

Downstairs kitchen remodel

  • crowdfunding video planned? Footage shot but final edits not done

Front door opener

  • Come up with a safe way to mount a fairly robust motor above the door, motor assembled
  • Only have 1 button for the outside to enter the building
  • Conduit for all the wires around door and entrance
  • Lowering the doorbell

Fundraising for Building Projects

  • De la Soul fundraising concert?
  • Crowdfunding for Kitchen


* Chalkboard wall in the entrance hall with the week's tasks
  • Paper list

Action Items

  • Ping Marcus re: chalkboard wall [jenny]
  • Update wiki with /ToFix [jenny
  • Print out paper list of low hanging fruit tasks to be posted around commons. The list will be edited at BWG meetings. [jenny/sierk]
  • Use the trello for the current tasks; keep open at meetings to update
  • separate

Next Meeting: August 7th @ 6pm

--end-- --lots of spaces make life easier--