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Omni Delegates Meeting - 20 August 2016


  • Almaz - GCEA - Have a lot of events coming up
  • Robb - sudo
  • Caleb - Phat Beets
  • Ken - Cleaning and reorganizing, gearing up for fall classes. Heirloom festival first week of September, then we'll be cranking back up. Fermentation Festival the Saturday before in Petaluma
  • Mary Ann, Chiapas Support Committee, Waffles & Zapatismo on August 26th from 10am-1pm -Chiapas Support Committee - Next Waffles & Zapatismo on August 26th from 10am-1pm - need darkness - change in basement landscape mcreate challenges - 8-20 peoples
    • Robb - Can use the basement hall
    • Need to move out the big table and the screen - Jenny & Robb will do.
  • jenny - member of sudoroom & work on finance, building & commnications. Jenny & David recently submitted CAST grant applicaton for wheelchair bathroom, commercial lift to balloom & other improvements to accessibility
  • Mary Ann - my son gets an enormous discount at Home Depot
  • Joe FNB Sat and Sun this weekend Bay Area Micro Fusion in Entry and Ballroom 11-6. They will useShattuck entrance exclusively. All members and guests will have to enter through 48th.

Working Group Reportbacks


  • Trying to plan a work party, Aug 26th - to seal up the basement south wall, paint the entrance
  • Will have vinyl skylight covers by next week
  • Need to replace sudo/ccl faucet - does this work?
  • Need to get moving on the kitchen remodel project
  • Need to post signage reminding people to clean off their recyclables
  • cleaning out rat super highway above the furnace - ping phat beets about


Request collectives contribute a few sentences about what's happening with collective for newsletter. We has ready to print omni brochure.


  • not projected to be in the black until November


  • CAST grant submitted for $40,000


  • Joe: This St and Sun 11am-6pm Bay Area Micro Fusionwill have entry hall and ballroom. All members and guests will have to enter through side doors.
  • Anyone able to help monitor the side door on Sunday 11-6 would be welcome to spell me. Ping me up.

Member Collective Updates


  • Long Haul no longer an option for FNB on Sundays
    • Still hunting for a Sunday kitchen

Discussion : ZRW =

  • Didn't submit a mediation request in writing - spoke with Helen independently, given that top concern was being removed as a FNB member. Didn't go very ell. She didn't support him as a FNB member - need another omninom to support this
    • He's requesting an apology and a key to the building - if those requirements are not met, then not interested in mediation
  • Thomas claims someone said at the last meeting that they would call the cops
    • Almaz, Ken, and Robb firmly disagree that anyone suggested calling the cops
      • One person just said there's disagreenment about that.
  • Phil: ZRW has confronted me, circling me on his bike and screaming at me while I'm trying to serve food to people in the streets. For a long time I was covering for him, cleaning up after him... has never helped with anything, taking compost out, distributing really... takes sandwiches to his camp on Tuesdays.
  • Mary Ann - just to clarify - if someone is not a member of a collective - do they get keys?
    • No. Maybe some working group members
      • Mary Ann: So if he's not a member of FNB,
        • is a distributor of food to the homeless under the freeway - way involved weekly in FNB until he was cut off
    • not just about the omni but also FNB. bunch of homeless folks got cut off when he did. needs computers late at night... space seems aligned, anti-OPD, mayoral platform,
    • phil: as far as food on tuesday, we're bringing boxes to his encampment, happy to do that. some objections from others, but we volunteered to put boxes out on tuesdays outside of the omni.
    • almaz: any advance on helping him in a psychotherapeutic way?
      • thomas: this seems opposed to your statement of solidarity, that
    • ken: very clear the conclusion we came to at the last meeting was that we need a written request for mediation. plenty of people that are realllllly tentative about engaging with him at all, because they're scared of him. until that request comes into play, he needs to show good faith so people are even willing to engage.
      • mary ann: there's a give and take - this is a negotiation
        • ken & almaz: haven't done
          • thomas: issue was we'd agreed to have helen as mediator. that isn't working out. we need to move forward
    • Mary Ann: if he's not a member, he's not entitled to a key. i have a lot of sympathy - but you can't make demands and contrapose our rules. he's not a member, doesn't have a key, and

- really hope mediation can work out so that he does have access

  • Robb: even as a member of FNB, he doesn't automatically get a key. needs to be a bottomliner of some kitchen somewhere. others who are here don't auto get a key - they're essentially a guest. needs a host or a viable bottomlining role in FNB do merit a key.
    • almaz: why not just focus on mediation before asking for a key?
      • phil: only picks up sandwiches on tuesdays - doesn't
  • ken: you volunteered to mediate and you haven't done anything
    • thomas: very clear i was not mediating. vinay + helen.
      • ken - volunteers to mediate in place of helen - given good faith attempt by vinay
  • mary ann: all you have to do is request mediation
  • almaz: all of his issues are problematic and isolating his skin color of whatever is not

relevant to his behavior

    • thomas: something about his being called not an elder by fnb
      • phil: to clarify, local tribal elders do not consider him an elder
        • thomas: the AIM does not define who an elder is
          • robb: opinion, not an
  • joe: tuesday deliveries could resume, according to joe
    • some folks on tues crew had objections, but nothing hard blocked.

= Discussion: Basement Computers

  • Almaz - Matt was going to wipe & put linux on basement computers. Computers are for training youth. Fred is going to install linux on 2 computers & leave Windows on the rest. A Linux training in the works. Situation resovlved for now.

Last Meeting Notes


End of Meeting