Event:2017/10/08 Communications

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Communications WG - Sunday, 08 Oct 2017


jenny, julian


  • Newsletter - Julian's been working on this - send out this week ideally!
    • paper version? redesign template to highlight collective updates rather than events?
  • Blog - look for FB feed scraper plugin
  • orientations - we're going to start them at 6 before delgates meetings
    • Julian will add calendar & send WG email to recent signups w/ mention of orientation
    • Orientation point: Julian (Oct 19th), Jenny (Nov 2)
    • food / potluck? soft yes, ask for w/ announcement of this at next delegates meeting
      • maybe FNB could add this to their radar so we could feed folx
  • jenny will see about putting brochures in our new neighbors mailboxes
  • commons connect with making announcement about omni and putting out a signup list
    • Jenny will add this to the Occupy site? or possibly the contract
    • a script for the script...? Julian will
      • loosely, 1) read the thing on the back of the clipboard; 2) ask folks to sign up
        • slash actually edit the existing clipboard script to mention the signup sheet is at the front desk