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Omni Delegates' Meeting - 5 April 2018 7pm-9pm


  • Introductions, Meeting Roles, and Delegates Count [10 minutes]
  • Access Check-in [5 minutes]
  • Announcements [5 minutes]
  • Bans [5 minutes]
  • Working Group Report-Backs [15 minutes]
  • Member Collective Updates (10 minutes)
  • Proposal X: [15 minutes]
  • Proposal Y: [15 minutes]
  • Discussion Z: [10 minutes]


  • Helen - FNB
  • Carol from Poets' House possible considering joining as a collective.
  • Clive with Poets' House, mayhave class thru BAPS
  • Angel - LL,
  • Lynn - Commons
  • Steve - BAPS
  • Gerald - LL
  • Sierk - FNB, SUDO
  • Rachel - GWS
  • Mary Ann - CSC
  • Laura - Fundraising, Finance, Commons

Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Affiliation; any brief announcements; say whether you're a delegate; let us know about any access needs you have†

† Is everybody able to participate fully in this meeting? Do people have unmet needs or concerns?

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s: Helen
  • Explanation of hand signals: "deaf applause", "raised hand", "point of process", "direct response"(wildcard), etc.
  • Stacktaker: Sierk
  • Timekeeper: Rachel
  • Notetaker/s: Laura, Lynn
  • Vibe Reader:
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s): Lynn


  • ABDC:
  • BAPS: Steve
  • CCL: Ken
  • CSC: Mary Ann
  • FNB: Helen
  • GWS: Rachel (Inactive)
  • LL: Gerald
  • Sudo: Sierk
  • TIL: Inactive
  • GCEA:
  • Quorum: Yes

New Bans

Working Group Report-Backs

Building & permits

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Mondays @ 6pm

  • Sierk: a lto of people have been out of town. People are working on getting the kitchen permits. There is infromation we need to get re plumbing.
  • Gerald: HOw much money do we have for the project.
  • Sierk: we have enough money for permits and some demo and all of phase 1
  • Gerald: I have a plumber we can utilize for the kitchen. He is supportive of the Omni. What do I do with that?
  • Laura: Send an email to buildiing list serve
  • Sierk: We have been talking about dealing with the skylights
  • This group needs help; https://omnicommons.org/lists/listinfo/building


Meetings: Second and fourth Mondays at 5 or 6pm

  • Lynn: we are busy putting on a lot of events, BUt since Angel is here. On Saturday night at 2am I could hear loud music from the OMni. I live across the street. We care about our neighbors and we don't want to bother them and don't allow loud music after 11. There was no event booked for that night.
  • Angel: I planned an event, a surprise birthday party with close friends, when I saw that there wasnt anything scheduled for that night. I was trying to be aware of the noise issue and didn't intend for it to be that loud. I checked in with other people but we didn't register that it was so loud. I'm here to accept accountability for what happened. I respect the space and it wasn't done maliciously. I will accept whatever you want to do. We had amplified music off the computer.
  • Gerald: It ismy understanding that we have tried to soundproof the building and I want to know how loud is too loud in reality.
  • Lynn explains policy.
  • Rachel: Do we have a policy about booking a room? Are we allowec to just come to the Omni and have an event. I would have thought you would have to book it.
  • Lynn: That is what we require. I don't know how many people come and do stuff without booking.
  • Helen: mabe it shuold be explicit.
  • Mary Ann: the last time there was some kind of scene here, the next delgates meeting after that, I was parked by the building across the street in the red zone. Tere was a cop there with its lights flashing and I got an $80 ticket. The point being is that every time there is anoise complaint, people are calling the cops. Everyone needs to keep that in mind.
  • Ken: Thhis is relatively minor compared to the shooting. That triggered a whole bunch of repercussions. People may have the expetation that its ok to go late becasue the bars are open late. But that isnn't the case. We are a focus of attention, but we should have a well know policy that if you want to do your own event, have the courtesy to let the booking people know. You can make a lot of noise in the basement. And check that the noise cant be heard outside.
  • Sierk: People have talked to the cops when they sit out there on the corner and they have consistently said it was to prevent car breakins.
  • Ken: the BID has said that they have asked the police to have a presence
  • Angel: it wasn'tm intention to bother anyone in the neighborhood. I understand that intentions don't excuse impacts. If there are any repercussions in the neighborhood I will take responsibility. I was my event and dont think that others involved should be penalized.
  • Ken: Idon't thnk any punishment or action is necessary. Let's just firm up the policy tbat everyone books rooms they are using for events so at least the WG knows what is happening.
  • Lynn: as a commons person it sounds like it would be good to have a policy that ANYTHING planned has to be booked and that the same policies that are in our contract apply,even if it is a last minute thing.
  • Clive: There is a lot of trash outside of shattuck ave, or graffittit paint

Everyone agrees that Angel


Meetings: Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 6pm


Meetings: Currently conjoined with Fundraising, 2nd & 4th Mondays at 6pm

  • Sin Fronteras has countered the lease we offered. They propose $1050/month + utilities, + internet, + taxes for exclusive use of the entrance hall bar and priority use of a portion of the entrance hall from 6am to 6pm; 4 year lease term w/2 renewals; rent increases 3% for first 4 years only; they would not be a member collective. Laura has the link to the lease if someone wants to see it. Will talk to them in the next week, so looking for feedvack. They want to be able to stay here if they make the initial work.
  • Steve:Do we know these people and their names?
  • Laura gave names
  • Gerald: pleased with the higher rent. What is the consequence of them not being a member collective?
  • Laura: no representative to the delegates meeting, would not get the perks of being a member collective
  • Gerald, how will they communicate with us?
  • Laura: can attend the meetings.
  • Gerald: what does exclusive of the bar means
  • Laura:priority use of the portion of the entrance hall that they would set up as a cafe, probably rrom or some tables
  • Gerald - is it a big deal that people use the door.
  • Laura, they understand there will be traffic thru the door
  • Rachel: are there structural issues (per David in the past)?
  • Laura: No need for drain in the trash room, which had been on David's list and they are entirely responsible for getting permits for the work of setting up the care
  • Ken: Very in favor of a cafe, but historically has not been able to happen. Could the details of this be posted for all to read?
  • Laura, yes
  • Sierk: Some Sudo room members have critical questions, not sure whether everyone's concerns have been addressed. There is a meeting next week.
  • Laura will send a document to Sierk, Ken to share with collectives
  • Siert: When the cafe is here, will there be more measures to monitor people wondering thru the building
  • Laura: eyes on people
  • Ken: timeline?
  • Laura - none


Meetings: Currently conjoined with Finance,, 2nd & 4th Mondays at 6pm

Discussion of Poets' House

Carol: We're extablishing an east bay poets' house. This has been done in other cities. It s a plce where poets can gather and have readings. It might include a poetry library. We want it to be inclusinve of all different kinds of poetry. We want to break down the barriers int eh fratured poetry community. WE discovered there are a lot of white elders who only want academic poetry styles. We want to have slams, identity poetry form differnt ultures. We has a ricky start becsue anyone who diin't want that pulled out. But the group is growing and we're feeling optimistic. For space, we a place to have poetry readings, like to have our monthly social justice poetry reading. Another idea is to have hisotic readings, wither bringing in retired poets or read poets who are now dead. Young people dont know about them and we have young people in our group now. We also need an office. I can't see us having an actual house becasue of the expense and repsonsiblity for maintenance. We are wondering if we can work out some kind of space arrangement with Omni. We also would like spece for the library. WE're new and still owrking on our mission statement. ONe fo the things I suggested as models are the mission statements of the Omni and TIL. Any questions? Steve: Did you see a space that you like? Clive: we didnt see a space we didn't like. Carol: we have to take this bakc to our members. CLive: If BAPS likes the idea we could do a class through you. 10 week class, 3 hours on Saturday afternoon. Gerald: My miind doesn't work in the abstract, but I can see that the library would be a problem becasue it needs to be taken care of. I ned to hear something more specific. Carol: entrance area good for readings with the raised stage. Disco Room doesn't have accessibility but the entrance hall does and ballroom. We are starting out so maybe small groups will be expected - 20 to 25 people. Would have to get funding for a library. Would need someone staffed. Could get donated books.

  • Laura, we cal talk further after the meeting to get more details.
  • Helen: are you interested in renting space before becoming a collective?
  • Carol: we don't know, will discuss with group.
  • Rachel: Remember, we all pay rent.
  • Carol: we think the interest is there.

Member Collective Updates

What is going on with your collective? What are you working on? What have you accomplished? Any events coming up? Any difficulties you are encountering that you need help with?



  • none


  • We're cleaning
  • Ken: and temescal street fair is happening again if we want space.


  • We're mostly doing art shows. We are probalby doing something with LL at the end of the month. One of our members is hsowing her videos from Mexico. Maing a film and wants feedback.


  • People's park anniverary is 4/29



  • We did a packed event here with women from Empower, a sex worker organization from Thailand. They were fantastic and brilliant. We also have been working with the new Poor People's Campaign. It's gaining momentum and they are baout to do 40 days of civil disobedience around the US dealing with poverty, war, racism, environmental discussion.
  • Gerald - are any black organizations participating in the bay area.
  • Sacramento is very mixed - black, white, latino, native american. I haven't seen this in a long time. It's just coming together in the bay area.


  • Gerald: Next Sunday we're workng with the Mandela food co-op. There is an increasing sense among young balck people that the capitalist system isn't goingt o give them what they need so there is wit them. increasing interest in cooperatives. Mandela food coop id taking over th edollastore building and we are showing a film about food coops. The next week we are showing Mumia: Long Disatnce Revolutionary, mostly to acquaint people who dont know about him as he has another appeal coming up.
  • GErald would like a receipt for the donations he gave to the Omni from and event.
  • we need to do somethng about th eskylights becasue it's too light ot show films in the summer


  • A SUDO room member started a bi-weekly event from 6-11 on Wednesday about electronic music.



Proposal for Officer-Elect Selection Process

  • Placed on the pad 5 April 2018. Laura, Mary Ann, Yar, and Kazoo developed or commented on the process.
  • The process was created with the following criteria in mind:

Prevents public critique of people who are nominated. Public critique discourages people from accepting nomination or nominating themselves, and sows discord and conflict. Incentivises people who become officers-elect to go through with becoming an officer, while at the same time decreasing the chance that someone who can’t handle an officer position would assume that role. Isn’t too onerous or time-consuming Is fair to, and supportive of, nominees and officers-elect. Prevents entrenched power accumulation

Purpose of the Officer-Elect Position

Having officers-elect: enables OC to train future officers to perform the duties of the officer positions, ensuring continuity; provides support to the officers to carry out important administrative tasks; builds in redundancy in case an officer cannot continue in their position before their term is up; provides the opportunity to serve as an officer for people who might be unlikely to take on a position because they feel they lack capacity or necessary skills.

Officer-elect Responsibilities

An officer-elect shadows and assists the serving officer in order to learn the position. By becoming an officer elect, they are committing to serving as the officer at the end of the current officer’s term.

Officer-elect Minimum Qualifications Already be a member of an OC collective or an active OC volunteer Be able to work collaboratively Be reasonably able to commit to time required for the position on a weekly basis for the following 2 years Be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English For treasurer, have basic math skills and basic familiarity with spreadsheets

Officer-elect Selection Process When there is an open officer-elect position, the Omni Commons board (aka delegates) will publicize the position and ask for nominations. Nomination recruitment will be carried out for a minimum of 2 weeks before the meeting where selection will take place. People may self nominate or nominate others. After a minimum of 2 weeks recruitment AND when there is at least 1 nominee for each open position, presentation of the officer-elect will be placed on the agenda for a board meeting (aka, delegates assembly). The process at the presentation meeting is a follows: A.Each nominee will introduce themself and have an opportunity to state why they would like to serve as an officer-elect and, eventually, officer of Omni Commons. B. Delegates will have an opportunity to ask informational questions about the nominees’ qualifications and capacity for carrying out the officer role to which they are nominated. Debate about the merits of the different candidates will not be allowed in the meeting or over email. C. The nominee’s statement, and the questions and answers will be recorded in the notes. D. Delegates will share this information with their collectives and each collective will discuss and choose which nominee(s) they support. If there is more than one nominee for a position, the collective will decide which nominees are acceptable and which is their first choice. If there is only one nominee, the collective will decide if the nominee is acceptable. The delegate will represent this choice in the selection process which will take place at the next delegates assembly. 4. The selection process at the subsequent meeting is as follows: A. The meeting facilitator will pass out to each delegate one blank sheet of paper for each open position. B. For each open position, each delegate will list all their collective’s acceptable choices, and indicate their first choice. C. The OC President and Secretary will collect the papers and tally the results off to the side of the meeting. Each candidate will receive 1 vote for each time they are listed as “acceptable.” The candidate with the most acceptable votes and at least ⅔ of the quorum present wins. If there is a tie, the nominee with the most first choice votes wins. If there is still a tie, the existing 3 officers will vote between the tied options. 5. At the end of 1 year, existing officers will make a recommendation to the delegates whether each officer elect should assume the officer position. Delegates will vote to confirm the new officer by majority vote. Blocks will not be allowed because this is not a consensus process.

  • Laura - I will send this out to the consensus list. Please read it and send me comments or make comments on the Google doc.


Example Discussion Item

Last Meeting Notes


End of Meeting