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Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Monday July 9, 2018, 5-6.30pm

Recurring Events

  • Capoeira starts June 1, one month trial MWF in entrance hall, PP:Lynn. Capoeria now has a contract for July and August. Month trial went wll. Laura and Lynn met w Marcelo. They are interested in stewarding the space over hte long term. He proposed helping take stuff to the dump, putting in lighting and putting up murals in the entrance hall, also a new awning.
  • GUST - Second Thursdays - Activist flashdancemob rehearsal - $20/sesh - PP:Jenny
  • CDP meeting once a month now

Fire Certificates

  • Laura looking for fire certificate (official). Will send to list (especially Joe)

CCL wanting to use Disco Room

  • if they want to use the space for specific purposes, we can do it
  • if they need permanent occupation of space (even for storage), they would bring it to delegates (Laura willing to help them put a proposal together)

Keeping bookable areas clean, free from stuff

  • Almaz will make a sign (include donations@omnicommons.org OR info@omnicommons.org)
  • Lynn/Joe will bring it up at the delegates meeting
  • Jenny suggested talking about paying for janitorial services at the next finance meeting. Commons suggests areas that need regular cleaning are accessible bathroom, Entrance Room, Disco Room, Ballroom)

Last Meeting Notes