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https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Event:2018/07/09_Commons (PUBLISHED) Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Monday July 9, 2018, 5-6.30pm


  • Introductions (5 min)
  • Pending Event Requests (30 min)
  • Recurring Events (5 min)
  • Keeping bookable area clean, free from stuff
  • Commons Finances & Sliding Scale & Overdue invoices (5 min)


  • Joe, Lynn, Julio, Almaz, Laura-remote, Josiah
  • facilitator: Lynn, time keeper: , note taker: Laura, Julio

Pending Event Requests

  • Sewing Rebellion: 7/22 PP: Maria
  • Mentorship and Project Night for POC, QTPOC, WOC, Women: PP Almaz; No response. Will delete next week
  • Butoh Vision (7/13) - PP: Julio: Published
  • EBDSA General Meeting (7/14) PP: Almaz Published
  • Le Moana from New Zealand presents the dance production 1918 (7/18) PP:Almaz. They had too many technical requests. DELETED
  • Graffiti Camp for Girls (8/10 - 8/12) PP Julio: make sure it doesn't get any paint on the floor
  • Collective Perspective on Community Building (8/10): PP Almaz; will reach out again. Coordinate with Julio as there may be overlap with Graffiti Camp
  • Launch Party Care not Cages (8/25): PP Lynn. helping them
  • CCL event Biohack the Planet: (8/31-9/1): PP Julio, contract, invoice, insurance... Josiah Maureen
    • Lynn will send process to Maureen (cc: all)
  • Gurdjieff Movements Ballroom 9/2, 9am-12pm (3 Sunday mornings in a row): PP Lynn, didn't like disco room floor, now want Ballroom Sunday Morning for 30/hr
  • Art and Music Gathering (9/29) PP: Julio; still working with Rayc and Angel
  • Awesome Orchestra (10/20) PP Lynn; 12pm-10pm offered $500, Lynn suggested $800 since it's a Saturday
  • Song for Mapuche (10/28) PP Joe; Working with them.
  • Night of the buffalo (9/29) PP: Lynn; DELETED
  • Taylor Lockwood’s 2018 Mushroom Photo Tour, Ballroom 11/9: PP Julio: Contract
  • EBAlternative Book and Zine Fest (12/08): PP Almaz
  • Rachel Walker (Fundraiser for Ugandan LGBT Non-profit) Ballroom (10/6): PP: Joe, check in to see if still interested. DELETED
  • Oakland Tech hs rowing team physical fitness classes Lynn hasn't heard back; Not happening

Recurring Events

  • Capoeira starts June 1, one month trial MWF in entrance hall, PP:Lynn. Capoeria now has a contract for July and August. Month trial went wll. Laura and Lynn met w Marcelo. They are interested in stewarding the space over hte long term. He proposed helping take stuff to the dump, putting in lighting and putting up murals in the entrance hall, also a new awning.
  • GUST - Second Thursdays - Activist flashdancemob rehearsal - $20/sesh - PP:Jenny
  • CDP meeting once a month now

Fire Certificates

  • Laura looking for fire certificate (official). Will send to list (especially Joe)

CCL wanting to use Disco Room

  • if they want to use the space for specific purposes, we can do it
  • if they need permanent occupation of space (even for storage), they would bring it to delegates (Laura willing to help them put a proposal together)

Keeping bookable areas clean, free from stuff

  • Almaz will make a sign (include donations@omnicommons.org OR info@omnicommons.org)
  • Lynn/Joe will bring it up at the delegates meeting
  • Jenny suggested talking about paying for janitorial services at the next finance meeting. Commons suggests areas that need regular cleaning are accessible bathroom, Entrance Room, Disco Room, Ballroom)