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  • Introductions (5 min)
  • Pending Event Requests (30 min)
  • Recurring Events (5 min)
  • Commons Finances & Sliding Scale & Overdue invoices (5 min)


  • Julio, Lynn, Katrina, Laura
  • facilitator: Julio

Pending Event Requests

  • Film Shoot (8/13) DR PP for contract- Laura: Anka can be there.
  • Direct Action Training (8/18) SR? PP? Julio will talk to them
  • Tiny Garage Concert (8/18) DR PP Laura emailed, not available
  • It is a workshop (8/24, 8/31) DR PP Laura
  • Biohack the Planet: (8/31-9/1): PP Julio, contract, invoice, insurance... Josiah Maureen
  • Everyone Deserves a Doula Launch party (9/6): julio will contact them.
  • EBDSA General Meeting (9/9,Oct, Nov) PP Julio, contract ready, 3 months.
  • Counter Culture Labs 5 Year Anniversary Party (9/14) BR, PP Lynn, talks continuing
  • Art and Music Gathering (9/29) PP: Julio; still working with Rayc and Angel
  • Mad Props 2018 (10/9) PP Lynn corresponded. They are discussing and haven't responded. Lynn will follow up
  • Awesome Orchestra (10/20) PP Lynn; 12pm-10pm offered $500, Lynn suggested $800 since it's a Saturday all day. Lynn will contact them to see if still interested.
  • The Basic Byebye Show (10/26) PP Laura
  • Song for Mapuche (10/28) PP Joe; Working with them. Asked for an update.
  • Taylor Lockwood’s 2018 Mushroom Photo Tour, Ballroom 11/9: PP Julio: Contract
  • Emerging Illusions fashion show (10/10) PP Joe
  • EBAlternative Book and Zine Fest (12/08): PP Laura (was Almaz) has said she would take this but didn't contact them. Now speaking to Laura. Contract drafted. Question about security needs.
  • Tuning Project (1/28) PP: Laura

Recurring Events

  • Capoeira: Haven't been prompt about apying despite invoice and reminders. Lynn will discuss with him tomorrow.

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