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Omni Kitchen Meeting - 16 March 2019


  • Yar, Joe, Toan, Phil, David, Rilke


  • Beat Aesthetic class happens monthly in the basement (2nd Saturdays 1-4). Let's not schedule any more kitchen work parties during thier classes, because they didn't want us to use loud things like the shop vac yesterday
  • construction loan from CDFI - north california community loan fund?


  • full drawings / plansets for health $2000
    • list with cut-sheets of all required appliances
      • water heater, stove, dishwasher
    • walk-ins to choose from - size / cost / wattage
    • overall electrical circuitry and capacity plan
    • lighting plan
  • file for health permit - submit plansets to health, $2000 minimum
  • then same thing for building department ~$5000 (5-10% of $150k?)
  • soft demo
    • taking out the interior walls & finish
    • taking out the curbs
    • figure out what to do with floor - tile or ground + epoxy?
  • then line-item costs for bare minimum required appliances / fixtures
    • epoxy and/or tiling
    • new water heater
    • mop sink
    • grease trap / big dipper
    • new floor sink
    • walk-in fridge
    • plumbing
    • windows


action items

  • phil will reach out to people to get rid of stove
  • toan will get quotes for tile vs epoxy flooring=
  • david will get quote on replacing the windows
  • joe will look into ventilation, hot water & gas capacity requirements
  • yar will try and validate whether exhaust fan is explosive
  • next Saturday 3/23 12pm: electrical circuit tracing party! Yar, Robb, Ken & Null have RSVP'd so far

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