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Omni Kitchen Meeting - 6 April 2019

previous meeting notes: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/2019/03/16_Kitchen_Meeting


  • yar, laura, phil, ken


  • phil has been working hard to dismantle old stove, needs more help
    • needs to buy wd-40 rust
  • did toan get flooring quotes?
  • did david get quote on replacing the windows?
  • architect jim gallagher met with david and looked at kitchen, has a fee agreement to make CAD drawings
  • did joe look into ventilation, hot water & gas capacity requirements?
  • yar will try and validate whether exhaust fan is explosive -- TODAY
  • we had electricity party 2 weeks ago

dishwashing machine

  • low temp (bleach) vs high temp dishwashng machines: we wanted high temp because people don't like bleach/chlorine. but david says that's moot because health code requires hand washed dishes to be treated with bleach/clorine. and that high temp requires a hood which limits floorplan options. yar thinks handwashed dishes should just wait in a rack to be machine washed like everything else.
  • we're all leaning towards low temp for the short term

water heaters

  • tanks vs tankless
  • if tank, regular vs condensing
  • if tankless, gas v electric
  • Link to info on energy efficient design of commerical kitchen hot water systems: https://fishnick.com/design/waterheating/Water_Heating_Design_Guide_Final_FNi_disclaimer.pdf
  • tankless is more expensive upfront but pays for itself in the long run
  • tankless requires more electricity or gas capacity but that's probably worth it
  • tanks can run out of hot water and don't last very long
  • tankless only turns on when water runs, so you might get cold water when you turn it on
  • you need 2 tankless to replace 1 tank in capacity
  • tanks can run hot, tankless can run cold
  • gas tankless is more efficient than electric tankless


  • laura thinks our capacity is limited by the main panel, not by wires from the pole. maybe we should upgrade the panel.
  • yar's been working on this https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Electrical
  • how much would it cost to upgrade the main panel? we could do that now in theory
  • yar thinks we should put solar panels over the disco room asap. it's an isolated area that doesn't need repair like the rest of the roof


  • existing gas is the furnaces, old wolf stove
  • What is the gas capacity? joe is finding out

induction stove

  • we had an unboxing party and boiled some water. hardly any of our pots are iron

action items

  • yar will buy wd-40 rust
  • help phil take apart old stove
  • laura will get quotes on upgrading main panel
  • still need to hear back from toan, joe & david

previous meeting minutes