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Omni Kitchen Meeting - 13 April 2019

previous meeting: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Event:2019/04/06_Kitchen_Meeting


  • yar, toan, phil, laura


  • phil is still working on taking stove apart. yar got wd-40 to get rusted bolts out.


  • toan & yar are biased towards epoxy
  • ceramic tiles can be less slippery (for accessibility)
    • dk says most kitchens just put mats down for slip resistance
    • we're a long way from ADA in this kitchen cuz you'd need special appliances
  • toan is bringing someone in who's a flooring expert. yar wants to be there also.
  • we're doing a similar thing in sudoroom this summer
  • we should get exact square footage of planned kitchen
  • if it's tile we need professionals. also needs more maintenance
  • phil says tile is more standard for kitchens
  • dk says quarry tile would be cheapest. commonly 6x6 terra cotta color. HArder to install in commerical kitchen becasue hardest grout must be used.
  • where to buy the goop? sika? Apparently, epoxy must be installed by a certified epoxy applier.
  • if tile, get an opinion about how to prep existing surface. might be greasy. curb under stove also needs to come out. existing red paint is not adhering well.
  • do we need any more floor drains? Jim will know


  • Laura's still trying to find an electrician to come look at the panel. Emailed Ken's electrician friend to schedule a visit. Also has idientified a women owned electrical company to contact.
  • dk says it's split phase, 200-300amps
  • it's free to get construction quotes from pg&e?
    • call their new construction department, will get you a human being
    • ask them what's our max draw right now
    • also about solar panels

exhaust fan

  • Yar climbed up to take this picture: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/File:Roof-fan.jpg
    • dunno how to tell if it's explosive. laura is researching
  • Model is "ALDP"
  • another angle https://omnicommons.org/wiki/File:Roof-fan2.jpg
  • plot twist: it was the wrong fan! yar will go back up today
  • dk tried really hard w/antonio (health dept) to not have a hood at tamarack. but they required him to have a hood. even with induction to boil water, antonio still wanted a type 1 hood.
  • makeup air still an issue


so much to ask when he gets here

  • window replacement quotes? dk's people flaked. now we need new people.
  • met with jim? Jim has budgeted time and is willing to do it but he went on vacation and hasn't written the proposal. We need to nudge him.
  • what is an explosive fan? Needed becasue stove/oven cleaners are potentially inflammabel/explosive
  • It's not required to have a bathroom on the same floor as the kitchen. Would be nice in the future.

action items

  • does ed roberts campus have a kitchen? how do they do accessibilty? yar will find out
  • yar will look at stove exhaust fan on the roof
  • Quote on rehabbing the walk-in? later...
  • toan will meet with the floor person
  • phil's still taking stove apart. will also pressure FNB to get rid of stuff in there.
  • laura's still looking for an electrician
  • david will keep looking for window & glass people. will also try to find a concrete resurfacing quote.
  • david will also dig up old PG&E customer connections account and share it with us
  • still waiting on joe about gas capacity
    • dk says there's a 1/2 inch gas pipe
  • next meeting on 4/27
  • think about load-in / load-out windows and/or dumbwaiter