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Omni Kitchen Meeting - 27 April 2019


  • Yar, Toan, Phil, Robb, Laura, jenny (late)


  • Jim gave us an estimate to do drawings and permits
    • David and Yar signed scope agreement with him
    • He has key as of this morning
  • Roof exhaust fan info not obtained BY YAR THE FLAKE
  • Glass estimate - met with Dan, he looked at things, said he would send a quote but hasn't yet


  • toan still trying to meet up with flooring expert, maybe this week.
  • still need quotes on tile vs epoxy


  • Laura called a company but they won't come until we have drawings
  • Ken's friend never replied
  • we need PG&E new construction account access
    • we can call them and figure out the availability of nearby transformers for max power without 3 phase upgrade
    • ask about specifically three phase y (not older type of three phase)
  • we should calculate the power budget for the kitchen with options for upgrades depending upon different major appliance options

action items

  • calculate power budget, work party 5/2 2pm
  • buy a few more Kill-a-watt type devices, esp to check refrigerators/freezers, Yar is buying right now.
  • Move existing electricity monitor to the CCL panel - Robb


  • tackle the stove