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Meeting w/ Jim - 13 July 2019


  • Jim, Laura, Jenny, Yar, Joe made a brief appearance


  • Leave space for dumbwaiter. Have to decide upon location
    • Cheapest dumbwaiter ~$7K (dumbwaiter.com)
    • Need to take a look at the retaining wall on the north side - Jim and Yar did - another possible location for dumbwaiter is on the other side of the stove, would come up along the corner of the kids room
  • vNeed to find out CFM - cubic feet per minute(?) requirements for equipment under the new hood - if new hood (as we've budgeted and gotten a quote for), it shouldn't be a problem
  • Laura: still advocating for induction cooktops, but it seems no one else supports the idea.
  • One thing we haven't budgeted for is new lighting
  • Windows may need to become operable
  • Code doesn't REQUIRE you to have a dishwasher, just a 3-compartment sink - probably want to put in the rough plumbing for a dishwasher if the city will let you
  • Hiring a General Contractor strongly recommended - will ensure the projects gets done, and done right
  • Code doesn't require too much specifically re: storage - open/unenclosed storage okay
  • Freestanding convection oven is the most-used equipment at the Pork Workspaces kitchen (according to Max)
  • Move mop sink to middle wall if dumbwaiter location gets moved. mop sink will require trenching for the plumbing
  • ANything cutting into an exterior wall will involve Planning / Historical
  • Jim reminds us we have to spend 20% of budget on accessibility upgrades

Suggestions from Arthur:

  • Conveyor at waist height on sidewalk - Jim says they come in 5 or 10', can purchase a stand that will prop it on either end
  • Second door to walk-in - nixed, we can install windows for easy-access walk-in access (think like a corner store

action items

  • reach out to licensed electricians and/or general contractors:
    • Whitney (electrical) - Jenny will contact
    • General Contractor - David has a contact or two
  • Spec out dumbwaiter locations and dims
  • Nail down equipment list
  • Jim will contact structural engineer to look at dumb wiaiter pacement and wheelchair stairlift ceiling adjustment
  • Call out for shelving!