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Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Monday 12 August 2019


Pending Events

  • Homes Not Jails Locksmithing Lab - Aug 19th - pp Robb
  • Sunrise Movement Western Summit - Aug 22-25 - pp Jenny - currently looking for other daytime venues. want to rent ballroom Thurs thru Sat night for attendee sleeping accommodations - have experience, will obtain insurance. Also interested in renting Thursday evening for intake party. Requesting $2K/night and $1k/evening event
  • Private dance practice (Mai) - Recurring starting Aug 22nd - pp Jenny/Robb - offering $15-20/hour for 2 hours and also helping upgrade the floor and mirrors: "Hi there! I'm at Omni at least once a week as a steward of People's Open Network/Sudo Mesh. I'm submitting this request wearing one of my other hats as an artist/dancer. I'd like to use the Disco Room every Thursday evening for 2 hours, 7-9pm, as a practice space for a dance performance I'm doing in November. I may want to use it more frequently in September but I would be happy to chat with y'all about whether that could work. It would just be me at least through the end of August, then maybe a handful of others (up to 4) depending on how I decide to choreograph the pieces. If it's desired/agreed upon by the member collectives, I'd like to help make the space easier to use as a dance space. I'd like to do that by sourcing cheap/free dance flooring and large mirrors to install alongside the southern wall, opposite the windows."
  • BAWS Community Visioning Day - Aug 23rd - Rescheduling? pp Robb
  • Doug’s Going Away Celebration - Aug 23rd - Jenny will email
  • S.K.A.S.T. 8 (some kina art show thing 8) - Aug 31 - Basement - pp Jenny/Lukas
  • Capoeira Ngola As a Healing Modality - Sep 1 - pp Roberto
  • We Are The Ones Pride Ball - Sep 7, midnight-4am request for Ballroom - pp Jenny/Lukas
  • Community Women’s Orchestra Retreat - Sep 7 - Disco Room
  • East Bay DSA General Meeting - Ballroom - Sep Sun 8 2019 12-4pm -
  • Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area – Adult Peer Development Meeting - Sep 9-Dec 18th - pp Joe
  • Graduate Student Association for Psychedelic Studies UnConference - Sep 21-22 -
  • CNI-CIG Tour - Sep 22nd - Chiapas, cementing dates
  • FYE & Phat Beets Joint Fundraiser - Sep 28 - pp Robb
  • Capoeira Mandiga Annual Graduation Ceremony - Oct 11 - pp Roberto/Jenny
  • dress’ 65th Birthday Party - Oct 19th - pp Joe
  • Elena Ratto Peralta PTA - March 21st - pp Joe
  • 24th Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair - April 25th - pp Joe
  • Reel Stories Boot Camp - June 15th-June 26th -
  • Sumud and Sunuk: A Critical Refugee Studies Celebration of Life and Survival - Nov 7th-Nov 8th -

Recurring Events

  • SPAZ - Second Saturdays
  • Gurdijeff - Lynn recently got updated contract signed, Jenny will invoice