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Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Monday 9 September 2019


  • Joe, Silver, Robb, Lukas, Jenny, Sierk, Mylan, AB

Discussion: Indicators that we need to pay special attention

  • alcohol, marijuana, food, injury prone, capacity > 50, A/V needs
  • check dates to be able to check calendar for conflicting events
  • re: booking request w/ "i got it,"
  • Look for Insurance needs for event
  • for some reason Friday nights are never booked in the ballroom
  • responding to requests: pick out one or two things to respond to for clarity, don't overwhelm
  • Omni Event Insurance Flowchart: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByjR12L1MEjCYWhLcTQ2RjE1UmM/view
    • Anything with alcohol unless it's a private party with guest list needs an ABC permit, which also requires liability insurance
    • Liability $1m & $2m, Omni as additional insured, and Waiver of Subrogation
    • Acquire insurance at https://theeventhelper.com
  • Make sure contract is signed and insurance in hand before signing contract and publishing to calendar
  • /occupy/ is only for the contracts, /calendar/ has all the info about events
  • how much to charge for ballroom?
    • weekend night - $1100-1300
    • usually $100/hr for entrance hall, but flex for rad aligned events
    • Most other spaces $10-25/hr

Discussion: Basement-specific stuff

  • Lukas: Door splits are complicated but have worked well - last Saturday's made the most of any basement event - $2400. Often hire a person to do door all night, to be accountable for $$ taken in. sometimes a security person for the sidewalk also.
  • Jenny started a doc for basement-specific events, perhaps a basement-specific contract for late-night events down there?: https://peoplesopen.net/pad/p/basementevents
  • Basement Use: A working description of the basement Lists/ events group.
    • Basement list - used for coordinating the space, the nonaccountability zones; communicating with all the groups so we don't step on each others' toes
  • Jenny: Media Lab working group set up to steward use of equipment in that space. So clients wanting to use that space would check with ML Wg before renting it out.
    • AB: Not everything is on casters - support that any events booked in that space in particular go through some approval from medialab stewards. There's a lot of expensive equipment and supplies down there, not everything on wheels.
      • Lukas: Similar sentiments re: SPAZ and the sound equipment down there. Not really plug-and-play right now (though that's the goal). Need to have a liason between that space and the working group.
  • Grumpy: Maybe anyone who wants to have an event in the basement should meet with a steward
  • Silver: Open to the idea of moving stuff, was aware of this requirement from the beginning - but there should be a checkin
  • Robb: If you're assuming all these new powers and privileges regarding common space, make proposals to get approved by the delegates
  • Sierk: From what I recall of the medialab proposal, what we approved was a space that could be changed to adapt for events - main issues of concern involved access to equipment, training etc
    • Robb: <cutting people off to reiterate above points, notetaker gets worked up and distracted>
  • Lukas: We're just saying that we've not just put in a lot of work, dump runs etc; but there's so much of our equipment - not just the speakers which we gave to omni, but mixers, amps, lights, power cables.. and also 15 years of experience running these kind of events. Saturday's was the first of many events held down there this year that got kinda out of control
  • Grumpy: <to robb> seems like you have a lot of resentment toward spaz - what can we do to make you more content? how can we do things right moving forward? that's why we're here
    • robb: <rants some more about how spaz is just doing the same thing as gcea>
      • lukas: not at all similar - everything has been transparent and above board. just trying to navigate all the complexities and requirements, staying in communication

<lots of back and forth about what a junkyard basement was before spaz, before medialab, before fye, etc and how much work people have put in doing dump runs, painting floors, setting up equipment, activating the space - oh the joys of commoning!>

  • jenny: we could waste a lot of time going back and forth over the long history of the basement's trashiness - let's just appreciate each other for how much we have all put into making it awesome down there
  • mylan: move to table this convo for a separate meeting. otherwise, sounds like the medialab has several different people invested. see how they show up and figure out how they want to work together as a unit
  • lukas: also mainly came to learn how to do booking. how to turn the lights on in the ballroom. rules for different spaces. new people here - maybe we can focus on that. we don't want to create more problems - how should a booking orientation go?


  • Bay Area Climate Strike Mtg - Sep 3 - happened
  • We Are the Ones Pride Ball - Lukas/Jenny/Grumpy - moving to October if it happens
  • Annual Meeting - Chiapas - happened
  • Trans Rights - Joe - Getting confirm on permission to show film - entry hall tomorrow (9/10)
  • Latin Percussion Classes - Robb - they want a free place to make lots of noise every week on thursday evenings - general consensus is no
  • Red Star Convention - Joe - DSA event - joe wrote asking if they're still interested
  • Community Wellness Rave - Joe - candidate for City Council - must charge market rate - seems to have disappeared after discussion of alcohol / insurance
  • GSAPS unConference Afterparty - 9/21 - Robb - happening, 50 people in the basement, ends at midnight
  • CNI-CIG Tour - Roberto - is this still happening on Sep 21st?
  • Spreading Spores – A Celebration to, for, and from the Mycelial Masses - conflicts with CNI-CIG - may be okay with moving to next week - Robb in communication with Seth and Mario
  • Oakland Sewing Circle weekly meetup - Robb - happening, starting 10/2. not using equipment. said they'd hafta coordinate with medialab
  • Somatic Movement Workshop - Joe will reply
  • Capoeira Mandiga Annual Graduation Ceremony - Roberto and Jenny
  • Launch of WEAD Journal Issue 10 HER[E]TECH - Sierk and Joe
  • RAWdance Board Meeting - board mtg, Oct 16, $15/hr - Jenny
  • Omni/Avenue Haunted House - Robb and Mylan?
  • dress’ 65th Birthday Party - Joe - moving forward
  • FYE / Phat Beets fundraisers - Mylan and AB - last Saturdays in the ballroom, other collectives welcome to join
  • AmbitioUS Convening - Robb - met them but haven't heard back
  • Maximilian Mc Donald - Roberto - replied to both requests asking if another date is possible
  • Second Mondays Anniversary Celebration / Fund Raiser - Roberto
  • 10th Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest - Joe
  • Winter Solstice Unconference - offering $400 for a Sat night in the ballroom - 10a-6p - Silver and Joe
  • BiCon - Joe - no reply yet, scheduled for Friday
  • (working title) Love Day - Jenny will reach out
  • Elena Ratto Peralta PTA - cancelled; deleted
  • 24th Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair - Joe - they're befuddled about their insurance for some reason

Hella far out:

  • Reel Stories Boot Camp - Did LibLens collab with them previously?
  • EnCorps STEM Teachers Annual Summer Residential Institute - Joe
  • Sumud and Sunuk: A Critical Refugee Studies Celebration of Life and Survival - Roberto


  • Event rental income for August: $4,623 (including SKAST event, bump this to $5,223!)
  • Note for new folks: event rental income is approximately 50% of Omni's total income. $5K/month is our "sweet spot" but we often have months of only $1-2K brought in, balanced out by a couple of hella income-generating events each year.

Miscellaneous Link Dump

Action Items

  • Order a clicker - Jenny
  • Schedule a basement meeting - Lukas? Silver?
  • Advertise the basement list to discuss - Jenny
  • Send robb liability waivers - jenny
  • Brainstorm on better booking systems that are open source - Sierk/Jenny