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Kitchen Meeting - 21 Sep 2019


  • Yar, Phil, Jenny, Joe, Robb, Laura, Jim, Arthur, Mylan

Induction Stoves

  • Joe is converted
    • gas leaks are a big problem with air quality
    • Berkeley and other local cities are no longer approving plans for gas based appliances.
  • We will definitely need to upgrade the electrical main in order to accommodate induction stoves


  • Jenny missed this writing the above


  • Dumbwaiter
    • Further east of where dumbwaiter is in current planset is more accessible for behind the bar area in ballroom, and was actually the location of Omni's former kitchen
    • Should probably demo that wall a bit and see how accessible it is
    • There's an electrical panel we may have to route around or move
      • Use that to power the dumbwaiter? DK: don't think that's much of a power draw, main thing is if it can fit into the kitchen area
    • Downstream issue, should get this spec'd out by an electrician
    • https://www.dumbwaiters.com/commercial-dumbwaiters
      • Powerlift 300: $6995, 300# capacity
        • "1 HP - 220 volt motor,  or 240 volt, or 480 volt 3-phase motor."
      • 3 Stop Powerlift MJ-500 Commercial Dumbwaiter $10,245
        • " 1 HP - 208 volt, 240 volt, or 480 volt 3 phase motor comes standard with the MJ-500. A 1-1/2 HP 220 Volt 60Hz single phase motor is available."
  • Tiles: Mylan says there's a place next to Ace Hardware that will match any price for floor tiles etc
  • Plumbing: Need to finalize fixtures before we can place the greasetraps etc
  • Bathroom: plan is to leave space for a possible future bathroom. sewer/drain pipe needs to be included in the initial

= Feedback from Last Meeting =* via Phat Beets:

    • Not sure so much dry storage is needed - if people can bring in their own supplies, we can have more room for work tabless
  • Suggest more stalls in the bathroom** Will there be a deep freezer? Not really needed for PB
    • At port workstations there are Prep tables on wheels, have plugs that come from the base of the tables and plug into the floor
    • Rest of feedback in last meeting's notes
  • Window - imagine it as serving counter / receiving for dirty dishes etc - might want to have cabinets for storage underneath. Outside smaller ledge, inside counter space. 
  • Open up part of that wall, middle wall, by making it a "pony wall" half-wall
  • DK: Innumerable details - let's stick to the decisions we need to make initially
  • Mop sink height should be slightly higher, for easier tipping and cleaning - recessed mop sink may be expensive
  • Don't want area right in front of stove to be a highly-circulating area - people walking behind you with hot pots and such is not safe 
  • Mylan: Don't think dish/cookware area (southeast corner) needs to be so large - more responsibility on the renters for being accountable for their own dishes. or ask to rent a row of cookware. and have to replace say a blender if they break ours.
    • DK: May want enough glassware for serving a large ballroom event. or caterers to store their own stuff when loading in.
  • Arthur: Prep tables on wheels, can be reconfigured as needed.
  • Benefit of having the pony wall is that it's safer when using the stove to not have it be a throughfare
  • Cabinets - bleach/sanitizer/broom/dust - janitorial area closet and chemical storage cabinets in northwest by original mopsink location
  • Laura: Max said no one uses the ovens under the burners, everyone uses the convection ovens. Broiling/roasting? 
  • Joe: Have we done a lot of research into the walkin? 3 doors seems like a lot
    • they're reach-ins (like a corner store stocking cold drinks)
    • <jim turns to A3 with a drawing of it>* Arthur: Are we having two stoves? this is a footprint question. maybe A and B
    • Walkin: suggest that the reach-in be actually a door
    • Mylan: Have a rolly cart with two levels that you can roll into dry and cold storage, load up, and roll it to your station. too many windows is a risk that someone will leave it open and the fridge will go down - expensive
    • laura: think having the door in its own hallway will be easier and less disruptive to the rest of the kitchen. dedicated trash area is a really good idea. not space in current plans for trash area
      • joe: this could be where current table between dry storage and walkin is
    • arthur: chest freezer could go right outside of dry storage 1. good idea with freezers to have a floor drain right nearby, and on rollers. having just a regular fridge for mayo/salad dressing/eggs/cheese
      • david: some of the worktables could have small fridges underneath them for easy access      

                                                      r     Contractors

  • DK: Going to be hard to pick contractors until we have a set schedule - they plan out their work months in advance. Who should we ask to bid: 
    • DK & Jim: What work are we comfortable doing ourselves? Two examples - laying down floor tile, drywall, FRP & tile, 
    • Robb: should do as much as we can ourselves - someone willing to work with us on this level. 
      • Does the general need to be licensed? 
        • if he's part of the collective then he's part of the owner
          • owner-builder permit - we can do a lot of this work ourselves. for anything we decide to do ourselves. give us a timeline and if agree that if we tip past it we hire someone to finish so that we keep on schedule.
  • Laura: definitely support stipulations on timeliness - in addition there's someone who agrees to work with the General Contractor as the project manager - combining the volunteer and professional labor in a plan and coordinating that 
  • Joe: we need to decide what are the jobs we need contractors for, write lists of those tasks they take on. let's get another meeting together to articulate those tasks
  • Arthur: have to have licensed contractors for electrical and plumbing - all basically doable. even the windows.
  • Yar: Would like to start interviewing contractors. Getting the sense it's hard to get anyone to call us back
  • DK: I think because of the number of stakeholders, would see about getting a GC for managing the construction-side stuff as part of their SoW because if you have a lot of subs doing interlocking work and you don't have a general, there's no concrete accountability
    • at the same time is not uncommon to have say the construction project manager on OUR side who's checking in, making sure things are happening, wishes of collective are being followed. think it would be very helpful to get everything we want to do actually quoted (eg tile). we can actually do our own electrical/plumbing/etc if we get an owner-building permit and tip in all the trade work into the permit. 
  • Mylan: Next step is to schedule a second meeting for who we would ask to be the GC and what we would do ourselves- so we seem much more structured and organized. Spring is coming up and people will want their spring schedules for contracting soon
    • Dk: think we should also get quotes for everything we would do ourselves even. Part of the problem with getting quotes is that we're going about this in such a piecemeal fashion. 
      • don't have good glass keys. if anyone has referrals to glazers, people who will do glasswork - i've called a lot of people
        • Joe says Simon's will do it. Rick followed up.. but doesn't seem interested 

Possible Contractors

  • James Morales
  • Dylan Arentz - has done a lot fo pro-bono labor and does a lot of mixed-use spaces. ** they would bid on the whole project
  • Matt Vasquez (Jim contact, just built a deli)

= Next Steps = 

  • Finalize plansets
  • Decide what we are going to do ourselves
  • Articulate budget ($, materials, action items) for sub-projects
  • Put a call out for bids

== Table: ==* Phil: what are expectations for renters re: induction/gas? * Table discussion for once we have an amperage / electrical budget - many agree this is a good idea

Action Items

  • null can truck the stoves to the recycling center - national recycling corporation at 14th and Kirkham is open from 8am-4pm
    • next Saturday, Sep 28th?
    • fnb meal is there every thursday at 1:30pm - if we coordinate around that we can organize extra hands for loading & unloading
  • following saturday, oct 5th, decide on subprojects and who will take them on, materials/budget, what to put a call for bids out for
  • discuss financing&fundraising strategies at next finance meeting, monday 23 sep, 7pm - jenny, laura, you??