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Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Monday 23 September 2019


  • Joe, Roberto, Jenny, Silver, Sierk, Robb

Pending Events

  • Spreading Spores – A Celebration to, for, and from the Mycelial Masses - Jenny - "bailing on it for now". deleted
  • Saying Yes - 10/3 Basement Library, 7-9pm - Roberto - meeting with them tomorrow, going to show them the disco room
  • Latin Percussion Classes - Roberto reached out twice, no reply - Silver is friends with them, will see if a weekday or friday eve works for them. do a trial run.
  • Palestinian Youth Movement Student Retreat - 10/5 Ballroom All Day - Joe - check on payment
  • Reading Group for Climate Action - received 9/23 - 10/5 Basement Library 9am-1pm - Roberto
  • Somatic Movement Workshop - 10/6 - Joe & Silver - no reply yet
  • Capoeira Mandiga Annual Graduation Ceremony - 10/11 Ballroom 7:30-9:30pm - Roberto and Jenny - contract and invoice done, 3 different events created - published?
  • Capoeira event the 12th until 6pm
  • Paul Koutsoukis - 10/12 Basement Hall 10am-noon - Robb - it's on! Entrance Hall, will check out other spaces. $40/hr. Need to check in with Phat Beets about moving outside that day
  • Launch of WEAD Journal Issue 10 HER[E]TECH - Entrance Hall Oct 12 2:30-5:30pm - Sierk and Joe - done but can't figure out bank xfer
  • AJ, the One Viewing Party - 10/12 Disco Room 9p-midnight - Jenny will reply that date is unavailable
  • East Bay DSA General Meeting - 10/13 Ballroom 12-5pm - Robb - we should charge them market rate ($100/hr)
  • RAWdance Board Meeting - 10/16 Upstairs Den 6-9pm - Jenny - sent contract and invoice 9/23
  • Omni/Avenue Haunted House - 10/18 & 10/19 AND possibly Oct 26 - Basement Hall 3-5pm - Robb and Mylan? - Avenue guy hasn't replied to Robb - wanted to do a followup show the following Saturday - Robb will ask one more time, but probably not happening
  • dress’ 65th Birthday Party - 10/19 Ballroom 7pm-midnight - Joe - still finalizing, $2500, staging area for caterer in classroom? entrance hall (could conflict with haunted house)? ticket booth room?
  • AmbitioUS Convening - 10/23 Ballroom 8am-3pm - Robb - offering $100/hr - Robb met with them, no further updates yet - still need to close
  • post-ISO Meeting - 10/27 Upstairs Den 12-2:30pm - Jenny will reach out
  • We Are The Ones Pride Ball - Nov 2nd? Oct 26th? - Jenny, Silver and Lukas
  • From Democracy to Freedom - 12/6 Ballroom 6-10pm - Robb - waiting on a reply from Brian
  • 10th Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest - Joe - Not happy with trying to hold their workshops in the Entrance Hall with all the noise from the Ballroom, Joe showed a few other meeting rooms.
  • The Last Second Mondays - Ballroom 6-10pm - Roberto - good to go, need to sign contract once finally confirmed
  • Winter Solstice Unconference - offering $400 for a Sat night in the ballroom - 10a-6p - Silver and Joe - interested in four rooms, but never showed up for the walkthrough
  • BiCon - Joe - no reply back
  • (working title) Love Day - Roberto
  • 24th Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair - Joe - still having issues comprehending insurance
  • Reel Stories Boot Camp - June 15-26, Ballroom - Robb will contact them
  • EnCorps STEM Teachers Annual Summer Residential Institute - June 19-21, Ballroom - Roberto


  • Basement/SPAZ: Jenny communicating to SPAZ re: repainting areas hit by graffiti at recent events before another SPAZ event can happen
  • Latin Percussion Classes happening? - if happening in Disco Room, good idea to check with CCL as the sound comes directly in
  • Move FYE to middle room and soundproof their old room for bands/rehearsals/sound stuff?? Such an investment would quickly get paid back
  • Joe: Friend of Max's, NORJC, wants to do an event on the 23rd of Nov - fundraiser for youth groups, son is a music producer - Oakland Police Youth League(?!), Oakland Firefighters, Breast Cancer, Xmas Gifts for Youth - don't think Max is a legitimate sponsor, not involved with it -
    • general consensus is to cut the police

Action Items