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Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Monday October 27, 2019, 5:30-7:00pm For information about our booking / calendar systems, point person guide, rental policies and cleaning guides, waivers and contracts, and mailing list, please visit https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Commons_Working_Group

POINT PEOPLE: Remember to follow up with event requesters asap after the meeting, create and sign a contract, create and send an invoice, procure a copy of insurance (if req'd), publish events you're PP'ing to the calendar, and coordinate A/V and setup for day of event (if req'd).


  • Introductions/Check-ins (5 min)
  • Discussion (30 min)
  • Pending Requests (25 min)
  • Recurring Events (5 min)
  • Commons Finances & Sliding Scale & Overdue invoices (5 min)

Attendees, roles, pronouns

Robb, Joe, Roberto (notetaker)

Discussion Items

  • Event Management Software
  • Omni Event Sponsorship : Robb: There are some things we need to consider: Perhaps not have high risk event. Another issue: Legal responsibility/liability. We need to talk to a lawyer to answer legal questions.
  • SPAZ/Basement Events: Joe did research and talked to people and they said that they need ABC if there is exchange of money. Email exhange between Joe, ROberto and Lukas, and made it clear that an ABC permit is required. Also, that there needs to be a discussion within the commons working group to talk about the Omni and its ability to host SPAZ-like events. Commons agreed consensus that if there is no ABC permit there is no SPAC event. Lukas is not present so we cannot have a discussion. Joe to email Lukas and SPAZ about getting ABC permit to have event.
    • update from below: they are organizing a graffiti cleanup, procuring event insurance and ABC permit, seeking nonprofit to sponsor the application. omni/sudo? noisebridge? coordinating w/ art show & commons film. (Thanks Jenny - Discussing it)
      • would saturday be a good day for coordinating building cleanup - dump run, graffiti, sidewalks?
  • Discussion on how to make Omni financially more accessible to the community ---> Transition into a venue model? Table for later
  • Feedback from Dress's 65th and Natalie: Natalies major complaints was that it took her a long time to set-up, move around stuff that were in her way (i think she was talking about the hours she spent cleaning the thursday before the event). Robb suggested that we have a default state for spaces where people should return it to its original position. For big events we need to make sure to help set-up the room. Trash situation never got conveyed? We have to make sure that all parties are aware of taking of trash. Perhaps send a reminder email of the repsonisiblitied from each party.

Action Items

Pending Requests

  • 11/1 Budtender Training - Robb will follow up
  • 11/3 Somatic Movement Workshop - joe, propabaly will not happen
  • 11/9 On the Fence - Lukas
  • 11/9 SPAZ Chromosome Classic - jnny: they are organizing a graffiti cleanup, procuring event insurance and ABC permit, seeking nonprofit to sponsor the application. omni/sudo? coordinating w/ art show & commons film.
  • 11/10 East Bay DSA General Meeting - robb
  • 12/1 Chinese American Womxn’s Group Meeting - Roberto in contact
  • 12/6 From Democracy to Freedom - robb, agreed on everyhting 50/50 split. Need to write up contract contract sent
  • 12/7 Steinyvision Party - Joe in contact
  • 12/9 The Last Second Mondays - roberto, in contact
  • 12/13 The Queer Choir Winter Recital - lukas?
  • 12/14 Winter Solstice Unconference - joe
  • 1/10-1/12 Staged Reading of “Coming Soon: A New Musical by Rachel Lark and Dan Savage” - laura? Commons consensed on Laura being PP
  • 2/7 & All that Jazz - RObb will PP
  • 2/15 Love Day - roberto
  • 2/28 Puzzle Room: The Heist mayb e luara
  • 4/25 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair - joe

5/20 Turning 4 Armageddon 6/15 Reel Stories Boot Camp 7/19 EnCorps STEM Teachers Annual Summer Residence

Commons Finances

$7,708 in October so far! $3174 Sep $4623 Aug

= End of Meeting = @6:55pm