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12.19.2019 Delegates Meeting Notes


  • Ben, Ish, Ken, Phil, MaryAnne, Jane, Rachel, Dennis Cheryl, Adonis, Helen

Member Collective Check-Ins

FYE Collective

We will have a Ball Fundraiser on Dec. 28th with Fat Beets. Dress up in one color. We will have mental health and craft workshops and we will inspire creativity.

Liberated Lens

  • We will have an Holiday Taco Potluck in Mid-January. Actions around the Bay Area:
  • Editing workshop early next year.
  • Film showing in February sometime - Water is Life about the Louisiana Pipeline
  • We have plans to make more room for shoots in the basement. We are limited right now.
  • Lib. Lens and FYE are doing a clean-up day on Monday. More common space with a backdrop.

Food Not Bombs

white pick-up truck is stuck in SF. Radiator and Engine problems. Refrigerator on outside wall of kitchen is in the dark. Big speaker is in the way. Would like it to be moved. Spaz will be contacted to move it. It is heavy but on wheels.

Chiapas Support Committee

  • Fundraising Drive. Looks like we will host an international gathering for 4 days in the first and second week of March. Not sure where it will be yet.
  • Report back from Women's Gathering February 8th here at Omni.

Global Women's Strike

We just had a big event at Glide Memorial Church in SF. Over 1,000 came. We marched from City Hall to Glide before the event. There will be a convergence in D.C. on June 20, 2020.

Working Group Updates

Building & Maintenance

Building Group is fundraising for the kitchen. Permit phase is ongoing. Working with the architect.

Commons & Booking

Commons Group We are trying out a New Software program. Not expensive, Comprehensive. Booking will be easier.


== Event Fiscal Sponsorship -- Discussion about Fiscal Sponsoring non-501c3 groups. We will wait to chaperone the proposal. Jesse the lawyer has to be spoken with. Jenny trying to figure this out.

New Omni Officers

MaryAnne brought up the fact that the Delegates Assembly needs to elect a President, Treasurer and Secretary. We need to go back to our collectives and see who will be willing, then we need to come together and vote. Those now holding office need a break and also need to be re-elected...We need to deal with that.

New Years Celebrations

There will be a New Years Eve Party in Alameda with New World Disorder, Spaz, etc. out by the Antiques Flea Market site

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be January 2, 2020. Jane will bring her Birthday carrot cake.