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20 April 2020 - 2pm


  • Mary Ann, Robb, Jenny, Silver, Mai


  • Brief summary from Fundraising team of what they'd been up to in the "before-times"
  • Screenshare overview from Jenny on our financials
    • A Quickbooks view-only account is in the Passpack under Quickbooks OC (Finance and Fundraising)


  • Jane couldn't get in, maybe use the jit.si server next time so folks can dial in
    • had a lead through GWS
  • Mary Ann - want to know if we're continuing with the trajectory we were on with matt (transitional governance, fundraising for paid staff, etc) or pivoting to applying for grants for immediate relief
  • Jenny - i can commit to making financial reports, numbers, some writing, organizing, and research but not much more than that rn
  • Robb - interested in collaborations w/ FNB/Critical Resistance/NORJC and utilizing the ballroom for storage of supplies to distro. fundraising for supplies to be able to purchase some things at wholesale cost and have them available for ongoing recurring distros to local encampments
  • Silver (on break @ FNB kitchen) - want to help w/ applying for funds; can make some good money off of masks right now! I'm mostly distributing to homeless folks but some people i know are selling them, sold a bunch to the corner store for $2.50/ea
  • Mai - pretty busy rn but down to help with grant-writing, researching opportunities, updating website

Priority Opportunities:

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation - Mary Ann will check w/ Jose before getting in touch ith SVCF
  • East Bay Community Foundation - Mary Ann will get in touch with EBCF
    • Village recently got a grant from them - we're moving more toward providing space and resources for orgs doing essential work
  • SF Foundation -


  • Partnership w/ North Oakland Restorative Justice, Critical Resistance & Food Not Bombs re: distro, use some of the money to stockpile more items @ wholesale for distro
    • Needs some sort of MOU w/ these groups; create a shared budget
  • Good time to fundraise for kitchen - coordinate w/ Food Not Bombs
  • Also other specific funds to apply in partnership w/ eg LibLens, Sudo Room, CCL, MediaLab
  • Omni donate page - needs redesign & updated info
    • Promote distribution of donated materials and supplies
    • Link to other community partner fundraisers (webring!)
    • List of direct donors to Omni - jenny will upload that from QB ->

Action Items

  • Jenny upload up-to-date reports
    • Donor list into Mailchimp
    • Q1 2019 vs Q1 2020 reports
    • announce login created for Fundraising WG to view financial reports in QB
      • Share Mailchimp login w/ Mary Ann
  • Jenny to add Mai to Omni website github and Omni fundraising drive/folder
    • Jenny re-share Fundraising Drive/folder after uploading reports
  • Jenny add all to fundraising list
  • Robb intiate an email / budget w/ FNB & CR & NORJC
  • Jenny to email Jesse & cc Mary Anne
  • Mary Ann to have a convo w/ Jesse
  • Mai create a skeleton doc of language we can use in our grant applications
  • Jenny tee-up Grants spreadsheet to better organize deadlines, updated / new opportunities, etc
  • Update OmniCommons.org - https://github.com/omnicommons/omnicommons.org
    • New banner at the top
    • Update donate page
    • add/create a Mutual Aid Fund
    • link to Chat / VideoChat
    • emphasize virtual events (eg; LibLens classes, Waffles & Zapatismo, maybe outreach to regular renters and see what they're up to and if they'd like to list things on our calendar?)
    • I think Matt had a plan for a wholescale redesign, so maybe focus on written content first
      • Jenny ping Matt re: website

Miscellaneous Link Dump