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Omni Communication Working Group - February 09, 2021 meeting notes

Members Present:

  • Silver They/Them
  • Yar she/her
  • Dane He/Him/They
  • Roberto He/Him


  • Adding More People to Omni's Gsuite org so you can help host meetings
  • Its going down podcast
  • Getting Dane access to the facebook, linking it to IG
  • Maybe add Mastodon account (or any kind of anti-corporate social media) ?
  • update on what's been happening with social media - silver & dane have been holding down twitter & instagram
  • what do we envision for this wg?


  • silver started ig in april, letting people know about all the collectives, boosting mutual aid, eviction defense, etc. wants to create more, collaborate with people. want more creativity. ig is second hand for me, can also help with twitter. not a huge facebook user. interested in doing the newsletter again, it was super great & collaborative
  • Yar's big concern is website and wiki because there is incorrect and useless info, we need to clean up and consolidate. I want FAQs on the front page. Maybe start a blog, if there's capacity. Info in blog posts is more accessible than wiki sometimes - voice of a person at a specific time rather than voice of god. Also, Its going down podcast would be great, but are we ready? Are we able to fill 45min with positive accessible publically consumable content?
  • Roberto he/him, happy to be back, took some time off. comms group is super important. need to tell our message, not just to outside world, but to ourselves. a lot of issues we're facing are due to miscommunication, lack of it, or we just forget who we are. excited to do work that helps us refocus and reiterate our values as omni commons. bring those back to the foreground, make them very explicit. we're here because we believe in these things! hopefully that will turn us towards a positive trajectory. as comms we have that responsibility & that power. multimedia content, videos, interviews, getting to know each other better thru communicating
  • Dane he/him or they, returned back to omni in july, previously was part of it ~4y ago. mostly following excellent work of silver & jenny. silver's been connecting to all the grassroots mutual aid groups on ig. i've been boosting ebfnb & noma on twitter, all the groups using omni during this time when it's needed. trying to amplify those groups & similar outside groups with a similar mission. i know the main host of IGD, been retweeting to connect with them. hopefully a positive connection in the future if it works out.
    • silver: thank you dane! ig was overwhelming me, thank you for picking it up.
  • comms could split into different things or be interconnected?
  • IG is almost at 1500
  • facebook has 5k followers


  • Yar: It's Going Down podcast is a radio show on KPFA
    • dane: connected to the its going down group. Overall antifascist and ansrchist perspective.
  • Their message asked if we want to talk about infrastructure, our work maintaining the building, and boost our fundraiser. I assume they got interested because the town fridge blew up our social media this week (by yar's standards). Interview format. Pre-recorded, they seem to edit out the um's and uh's.
  • Yar's been thinking what an Omni episode would be and who would be best to represent. What we want to bring up,etc.
  • Lets plan to do this in 6 weeks - mid to late march
  • Yar: Website needs to be revamped and shiny
  • Silver: Maybe create a new video
  • previous podcasts https://kpfa.org/program/igd/
  • earlier episodes https://itsgoingdown.org/category/podcast/


  • maybe roberto & silver could work on video & newsletter together. maybe solicit stories / articles from collectives. at next meeting we can talk about how we want to put it out. before we did a word doc, printed version, but maybe not during covid? physical copy is still important, slingshot does it.


  • yar would find a website party really helpful. Please everybody, send website feedback!
  • Mastadon - go for it! Lets put some though about the server we want to use.
  • Perhaps Jenny can help with the issue of FB and IG
  • Silver will write down about things we want to hear on the podcast and reach out to other collectives. Continue working Twitter and IG
  • Yar will also think about podcast topics, add meet admins, ask jenny about the facebook/ig info
  • Next meeting: Tuesday Feb 16 @ 6pm