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Omni Communication Working Group - February 16, 2021 meeting notes

Members Present:

  • Yar
  • Silver
  • Robb
  • Silver's been busy this week
  • Roberto: i was holding off on sending a call before talking to Silver. Still doing newsletter + video? Not much idea of what we want to do yet
  • how did we do newsletters in the past? we did hard copy first and then copied the text into a simple flat email
  • virtual is a priority, but physical copies would be a nice bonus
  • a blog would make future newsletters easier
  • reach out to more folks to make content and give feedback about omni, over instagram, etc. we never even did a survery
  • how many of those folks know they're welcome to delegates meetings?
    • rename delegates meetings to general assembly?
  • welcoming working group isn't active anymore
  • need to orient people so they don't break rules by accident. how to respect the space and each other. that's something noisebridge did very well. when they let someone in, they gave a tour and were accountable for them.
  • who's already here? what are they doing? we need a census
    • post those questions in a creative way. callout for art, how do you feel about omni? photographer to take pictures
    • an interactive survey, people can respond in whatever form, we can turn it into a zine. people who've been part of omni, want to learn more about omni.
  • dane asked twitter & ig for more town fridge volunteers. got 3 new people already!
  • maybe a google form
  • host online orientation workshop?
    • yar: that'd be good practice for the radio show. try our schpiel on a few people before thousands
    • berkeley free clinic & punks with lunch both have formal orientations before getting involved. punks with lunch always full. free clinic has a bunch, they're very long. dane went to both.
  • inviting people in to visioning structure, building more. NOMA's doing that now. it's been a lot of work. Points of unity, why we do what we do. Try not to replicate a white supremist or nonprofit infrastructure. They do it in a very closed way. Not open to the public. Minimum amount of people. Easier to do that way. What'd it look like if we invited a bunch of people?
    • so many people have put work into omni in writing, there's a structure, if we can just look back at that... the way omni was formed to work as a collective...
    • yar: burn it all down. we had no idea what we were doing.
  • example questions
    • name or pseudonym
    • what does the omni commons mean to you?
    • what do you want omni commons to be?
    • email (optional)
    • phone # (optional)
    • collectives or groups you're part of (optional)
    • skills or resources or things you're good at, that you'd like to share
    • what would you like to learn from omni? gain from being part of it?
    • how did you get involved with omni? learn / hear about? first experience?
    • your thoughts about omni as it exists?
    • demographic identities? age, gender, race, housing status? location? income?
    • submit image that represents your experience of omni - photo or picture or drawing or anything
    • political views?
    • what are things that make you want to help others?
    • what does radical love mean to you?
    • what are access challenges that you have at omni or accessibility needs you have?
    • what does mean accountability mean to you?
  • read this book -- Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha. Making space accesible is an act of love for our communities.