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Omni Commons fin/fun meeting Tuesday March 2, 2021 12pm

present: maryann, rachel, yar, robb, jane


  • we moved meeting times to 12pm for john but his phone broke. if this keeps happening we'll move back to 2pm



  • Robb & Mike Tenuto did a walkthrough. Mike thinks most of the roof is in good shape, except over sudo & ccl, and the trapdoor. will need full replacement in those areas, but just re-sealing in the rest
  • lots of thoughts about skylights


  • nationwide policy expires saturday 3/6, they are NOT renewing it
  • old roof and federal electric panels are a deal breaker for most insurers
  • we got a quote from California Fair Plan Property Insurance for $27k/year, probably our best option, we're going to try and grab it


  • yar wants a copy of our current present bylaws
  • everybody's playing telephone with different documents but nobody's sure what's real or current
  • we haven't actually modified them since 2016?
  • yar will just ask jesse


  • liberated lens is behind on rent. they can't meet or have events, unable to function. it's just anka and benny? they don't rely on membership dues, traditionally raised money with events, dwindling into savings during pandemic. dennis and robb were paying it. dennis died, robb quit. total debt $1200, they have $1500 in the bank.
    • their invoices don't reflect what they actually owe. robb is working with sarah on fixing this. CSC had a similar issue. quickbooks didn't show that a payment was made.
  • phat beets overpaid 2 months and that's covering anv's deficit for now
  • liberated lens and sudo mesh both need to assign new board members
  • sudoroom is still represented by jenny ryan, will continue with her unless somebody else wants to step up - not much interest so far


  • yar hearing feedback against any job title that implies hierarchy, like director or manager or chief. Tentatively settling on "operations officer" or "operations coordinator"
  • long conversation about recuperation, de jure vs de facto, and how organizing happens. inconclusive, need more time to talk!