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Omni Commons WG Meeting April 12, 2021

  • present: Joe, Anka, Vicky, Yar
  • quick note: Anka is taking out a projector on Friday


  • insurance inspection next friday. what needs to get done still?
    • piano & yellow staircase going on craigslist
    • mixer going to scrap metal
  • let's spend the next week moving all trash into the entrance hall, then do a dump run next week
    • separate e-waste pile would be great too
  • maybe noma free store should wait until after inspection
  • when to have a work party?
    • free store is this sunday april 18th, will be a lot of extra hands. they may also be on saturday.
    • saturday 4-7
  • saturday 2:30pm @ berkeley civic center park
  • anka will coordinate with max cadji for phat beets stuff
  • spaz stuff moving this week? yar will remind silver tomorrow


  • joe's trying to digest it all, wants a list of questions / protocol for how to get information from prospective renters. needs a deep dive. it might be complicated until we get used to it
  • vicky: where are we with contracts?
  • need to put them in airtable / pdfiller
    • silver's familiar, prefers in-person work party
  • next commons wg meeting will be at PLACE, people can join in person or by video, will start 4:30 but people can show up late

covid protocols

  • anka had something from another group, will share
  • events and member collectives should open at the same time, don't forget either group!
  • how to enforce with intransigent people?
  • intervention party for certain individual happening tomorrow 3pm. joe, silver, yar.