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Omni's "Commons working group" meeting May 3 2021

  • present: Anka Vicky Joe Silver Roberto Yar
  • Jesse told us the difference between 2 contracts. one means a person is liable for income tax, the other means they have to document receipts and expenses to prove it's charitable. their choice.

when does an event need a contract and not?

  • advertising, open to the public, involving risk
  • involves money beyond than a simple pass-the-hat donation
  • if everybody knows each other, the mission is aligned
  • someone could hurt themselves dancing, but also going up the stairs
  • is vouching enough?
  • silver: want an action day for writing models for how we're gonna approach these events. what's fair, what's equitable. want to hold responsibility for people honoring our vision and not just like, "oh this person is trustworthy so we're gonna let them do however we want to do it"
  • anka: can we meet next week to write something?
  • vicky's looking up nonprofit coworking spaces. simple meetings could be considered coworking.
  • joe: after a while we might get to know groups well and offer them an expediated process to hold a meeting
    • vicky: maybe they might want to be member collectives
  • silver: just because a group is affiliated with a big name doesn't mean ... what does it mean to be equitable with groups that are trying to use the commons? why are we helping one group vs another? why are we making money off this group vs another? also, in the future, we've talked about common stewards getting a percentage - was that an incentive? has anybody done that?
    • joe: omni has made money. rent's gone to omni expenses.
    • individual compensation has never happened except for AV.
  • joe: will we still have concerts/bands? or limited to charitable fundraisers and political...?
    • silver: at least 70% of events has to be nonprofit
  • yar wants us to stop saying the R word (rent). it's not even true anymore. legally, we are working with people to cosponsor charitable events together. continuing to talk about event "rentals" will undermine that idea, is needlessly capitalistic, and could even potentially threaten our charitable status if we can't reasonably stick to that story in the way we think about them. The word rent apperas nowhere in the new contracts. let's please stop saying it, stop writing it, and remove it from our website forms etc.

in person meeting next week to come up with guidelines. Monday 6pm AT OMNI!!!!!

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