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Omni Delegates' Meeting - October 7, 2021 7pm-9pm

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s: Sarah
  • Stacktaker:
  • Timekeeper:
  • Notetaker/s: juul, yar
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s):


  • ANV: active if someone shows up
  • CCL: Patrik
  • CSC: active but nobody here
  • FNB: joe
  • FYE: inactive
  • GWS: active but nobody here
  • LL: inactive. Anka present
  • Sudo Room: juul
  • Sudo Mesh: active but nobody here
  • Quorum (2/3 of active groups):
    • 3 inactive (FYE, LL, ANV)
    • 6 active (CCL, CSC, FNB, GWS, sudoroom, sudomesh)
    • 3 active repped here (CCL,FNB,sudoroom) - no quorum



  • We are front-loading most of the meeting into these intros! Now is the time to put forward any of the following things, many of which used to have their own meeting sections
    • introduce yourself: name, pronoun, affiliation, if you're a delegate
    • do you have any unmet access needs at this meeting?
    • what meeting roles you'd like to help with
    • discussion topics or proposals you'd like to put on tonight's agenda
    • report-backs from any of your working groups
    • updates from your collective
    • any brief announcements
    • updates on any conflict mediation
    • if you've asked anybody to leave the building due to safe space issues
  • please be BRIEF! Less than 4 minutes per person! Anything that might take longer must be put on the agenda as a discussion item
  • patrik: ccl has ice cream freezer (transparent top) and filing cabinets to get rid of
    • Brendan Kierans: electrician and stagehand. suggest to sweeten the pot for free disposal to lump in the metal with the recycling that has to happen (e.g. e-waste). put it into the biggest pile possible at the lowest cost to omni
  • joe: fnb, he/him, accessibility needs met thanks to zoom. and i'll call on anka.
  • anka: liberated lens, accessibility needs met, not sure if anyone was here representing liberated lens. about to make a proposal to ditch this place at omni since we're pretty much out of funds. probably at next meeting
    • yar: do you still want to be a member collective at omni?
    • anka: yes, but may have to give up physical space, worried about money. Not enough ppl to sustain.
      • juul: how much are you paying in rent currently
        • anka: $300. Currently only 3 members
    • juul: maybe you can store things in a locked closet at sudoroom
  • yar she/her sudoroom member, not delegate. looking forward to a long boring winter
  • sarah bookkeeper saferdiy (not a member collective) she/her, did a lot of cleaning past 2-3 weeks. things spread around ballroom need to go away. media equipment free store? omni has 100k in bank. Working on cheaper insurance

Crow's Nest / Excess AV gear

  • brendan: take stuff to e-waste and metal recycling. some can be sold for cash - guitar amplifiers, home stereo systems. Organize a 1-day "garage sale" advertised on craigslist? (But who will do it?)
  • sarah: also a tip/donation jar? next weekend?
  • marc: sudoroom also wants to sell stuff
  • Both Marc and Brendan mention they found some items they lent to R
  • joe: let's give away the hammond b3 organ. volunteer to write an ad
    • yar: fine by me
  • patrik: R might claim some av gear? how long to give him for that?
    • yar: he said he left stuff but didn't say what, when asked
    • joe volunteered to deliver stuff, was waiting for go-ahead
    • anka also willing to talk to R. thought he'd already removed his stuff
    • brendan: i tried to separate stuf i believe to be Rs from other stuff in a pile in the center of the ballroom. there are two white garbage bags and a trombone and digeridoo. (R's pile).
    • sarah: there's another pile with some grateful dead stuff and a banjo near the bar
    • brendan: there are probably some things that i would call e-waste that he might feel are his belongings. i woudl recommend putting all R's stuff on a cart and pick a day where he can pick it up or it can be brought to him. I found multiple things with my name on them in Rs area. We had multipl conversations about Omni being able to use some of my personal stuff but that certaing things (kits) should stay together and it was disconcerting to see them in the crow's nest.
    • patrik: the lockable area of the mezzanine opposite the stage is now almost free of books and it's another place that people tend to make their home. dirty mugs / clothes. as soon as we can empty it completely and lock it the better.
    • sarah: some of the stuff that would need to be moved is kinda heavy so we'd need at least two people to haul stuff. I'm not opposed to postponing getting rid of stuff but i think the earliest we could do it is the weekend after next weekend. If people can help consolidate that would be awesome. Who should we talk to about putting things on Omni's social media.

front door

  • marc: it was getting loose, could be opened from outside. jake fixed that 2 nights ago but i haven't tested it since.

Improving ventilation in ballroom and adjacent bathrooms

    • david was gonna send me something related to that but he has not done so, so it will be a fairly quick discussion.
  • improve ventilation in ballroom bathrooms?
  • marc: it'd be easy to connect a fan to the sudo hallway bathroom to get airflow to the shaft going to the roof
  • yar points at (without opening) the pandora's box of wheelchair bathroom ventilation, it was a big conversation when we finished that bathroom in 2019. only jettisoned that aspect of the permit at the very last minute.
    • brendan seconds pointing at the box: insurance, govt agencies, etc all look at this. if it has to go on the backburner, don't throw the baby out, have a plan in case someone comes lookin. imagine yourself as tenants against a landlord. from your perspective running a community space: oh there isn't ventilation, you can't have events, you can't have people here

HVAC repairs to CCL/Disco Room furnace/heater

  • patrik: we just need to move the switch/valve to a better location. and install co/methane sensors.

payment process

  • Sarah: It would be really gratifying to me (and I admit, I am gratified by unusual things) if there was a process for making monthly transfers from a collective's Unify account to Omni's Unify account https://omnicommons.org/pipermail/consensus/2021-September/002885.html
  • sarah: it got squared away with liblens. mostly an issue for sudoroom now. do we need permission to move money from subaccounts every month? i think in the past jenny just did it. quickbooks charges a fee, unnecessary.
  • patrik: another thing jenny used to do: i noticed we ran out of toilet paper and paper towels in pretty much the entire building so we need someone to supply us.
  • sarah: recurring order?
  • patrik: at time where someone is there to accept it
  • yar: it was office depot. last shipment was in june. high mark two ply. someone should just log in and do that. i'll see if i can log in right now
  • patrik: i think there's also several toilets that are blocked.
  • yar: like blocked in ways that need urgent mitigation?
  • patrik: blocked in ways that we need a plunger
  • yar: exposed piles of fecal matter? or?
  • patrik: two near the stage. one near the mezzanine. we have plungers but was on the way out and didn't have time. might plunge one or two when i go back
  • yar: me too
  • Marc: will pass request to Sudo to deal w back rent. Working on document for rent forgiveness. Also working with Noisebridge folks for fundraising campaign
  • UPDATE: yar ordered a box of TP from office depot, delivery oct 12

Furnaces and ventilation - part 2

  • david: mild maintenance furnace room east wall. doubled up furnace, dual installation furnace. filter bays are blocked by a wall that was put in after the furnace. separates the furnace room from the pantry. we're gonna have to cut into the drywall in order to install merv13 filters into the ballroom furnace. i don't expect it to be very expensive but it will be a pain in the butt. we got a diagnosis on the furnace (the one that's not functioning for the disco room) that came in at about $1500 bucks to replace the blower. i went ahead and scheduled that. at that point our furnaces and hvac will be fully compliant with all things. the last thing is (nothing firm) but just considering if we want active ventilation in the ones that serve the ballroom + the accessible bathroom, if that's important for assembly. because we could have decent air balance in the ballrooms with the exhaust fans but the bathrooms are dead air. i did ask the hvac tech to see what it would cost to get a pro to di it. i also think it would make the bathrooms smell better. and i owe you an email patrik about ventillation. i spoke to the mechanical engineer and i have feedback.

patrik: did you manage to get ahold of elon david: yes i did that guy is awesome. to have an industrial hygenicist available is great. based on his feedback and the smoke tests (glycol thing). he gave great feedback around CFM per person and the current thinking between mechanical engineer. between this guy and the other guy and patrik we're gonna have a good understanding. while i was calculating the air volume for the ballroom i realized the bathrooms are dead spaces. patrk: cou;d we just put an exhaust fan on top of the light. david: most of the fart fans will go on when the light goes on. would we need a motion sensor or would it just be on all the time? patrik: we can do it offline david: it is important to have 90-95% makeup air pumped into the room. You _do_ need fresh air (according to ME) and you want slight negative pressure. If you can bring in fresh air you really need to do it. We can nerd out about that later.

access control

  • juul: Alex who was going to install RFID on Sudo/CCL door is back from vaca. Could also install access sytem on other doors throughout Omni - Zwave. Reaching out for hackers to help out. ~$110 per lock
    • Bredan: Good price point. recommend making sure we have someone who can service hardware and software. Also, batteries only last 3-10yr
  • Looking at using: August Smart Lock Pro 3rd edition with Home Assistant and one of the supported Z-wave USB sticks. We will not use the August software.


  • Need to check for cracks in preparation of upcoming rains


  • "Status of and next steps for mediation/conflict resolution with J and AB / FYE" https://omnicommons.org/pipermail/consensus/2021-October/002917.html
    • Yar talked to Assaad. Issue does need to be addressed. At a minimum, need conditions for J to return
    • Patrik: Wanted to point out that AB banned J in retaliation. If we are revisiting policy, should make it clear that baning somebody in retaliation is not OK
    • Joe: J did put up two FU finger when I tried to defend R; has not apologized for that yet.
    • Yar: willing to help keep conversations going, perhaps not taking on the entirety of Conflict Steward role
    • Marc: When J brought up safe space ban, Joe and other defending R was not appropriate; not following our policy. Tough enough to call for a safe space ban
    • Joe: we were discussing the situation. J presented this as nameless people who had complained about R
      • Patrik: I take some of the blame for this, as facilitator of the meeting. Should not have treated this as a topic for discussion. When two people are in conflict, last thing we need is for third parties to jump in and quation the validity of the conflict. Resolution should start between the people who are in conflict
    • Yar: in the 7 years of having this policy, calling for a safe space ban has not been abused or taken lightly.
    • Joe: missing ability to express ourselves at Omni when we feel someone has done us wrong. Maybe having ban in back pocket is why people hang on to grievances? Need to talk to each other more
      • Sarah: as one of the people who had complained to J about R, things weren't acted on when I brought up the issue.
      • Patrik: Can't argue that J should have spoken up about R earlier - because she did! And nothing was done about it; and R did not really change behavior.
    • Joe: community has power to tell R what he has done wrong
    • Sarah: R had not demonstrated willingness to really engage with the process, doesn't admit he did anything wrong.
    • Brendan: dealt with both J and R over gear for events. Concerns about both people are valid. Seen both drunk. Seen R hoard my AV equipment lent to Omni. J came down as more responsible person about AV gear. Everybody involved in a conflict will have some dirty hands - but who makes most effort resolving the conflict? What rooms did J sabotage, lower property value of Omni, increased remodeling cost and liability to Omni?
    • Patrik: If anyone has not yet seen David's account of how R left the crow's nest and other rooms he occupied, please read his long email! Would be willing to ban R for issues of hoarding, habitation, complete disregard for Omni social agreements and liability issues, even without all the interpersonal conflicts.
    • Marc: want to see R stably housed before coming back to Omni. Except that he still does not take any responsibility - complete denial, possibly fueled by his instability.
    • David: Would require at least a year to get R in a more stable situation.
    • Brendan: time away allows people to heal
  • Yar: how feasible would it be to have a street-accessible bathroom?
    • David: with all the issues with trash left around omni already, including entire cluster of needles. What degree of responsibility are we willing to assume to care for the resources we provide? Haven't even gotten to step 1 taking care of Omni frontage.
      • Sarah: i don't want to deal with someone OD-ing in our bathroom
    • Brendan: Need to have labor to maintain, make sure people don't hurt themselves
    • Yar: we have teams of volunteers specifically to maintain town fridge, we could lean on them more.
      • David: Let's take care of our own liabilities first. None of our insurance covers anything happening outside our front door.
    • Marc: seen lot of trash next to free fridge. free store is opening doors to Omni - bathroom in entrance hall is effectively a public bathroom. Hope that when small public plaza opens at end of street, we can direct people to move there. Situation with stoop sitters is getting worse.
    • David: when John lived in Omni, none of this was happening. Have seen ppl take cones from Omni to save space for their friends to park. Got screamed at when asked ppl to stay away for building inspection. Sense of entitlement seems to have grown around that space.
      • Patrik: We discussed way back when whether to fence off ballroom steps - gate with panic bar.
        • David: positive that could be arranged. Lot about those steps is nonconforming, but 100% positive we could arrange something
          • Brendan: access to public foothpath, liability issue around outward swinging gate.
            • David: Only use that exit in case of event, and always have it staffed when in use. File title 19 egress plan that includes staffing. Not an accessible entrance anyway

End of Meeting