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Omni Delegates' Meeting - Day Month 2022 7pm-9pm

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s:
  • Stacktaker:
  • Timekeeper:
  • Notetaker/s: Yar, Patrik
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s):


  • ANV: active if someone shows up, inactive if not
  • CCL: patrik
  • CSC: active if someone shows up, inactive if not
  • FNB: helen
  • FYE: inactive
  • GWS: inactive
  • LL: Anka (but inactive)
  • Sudo Room: jake
  • Sudo Mesh: juul (but inactive)
  • Quorum (2/3 of active groups): yes sorta i guess



  • We are front-loading most of the meeting into these intros! Now is the time to put forward any of the following things, many of which used to have their own meeting sections
    • introduce yourself: name, pronoun, affiliation, if you're a delegate
    • do you have any unmet access needs at this meeting?
    • what land are you on?
    • what meeting roles you'd like to help with
    • discussion topics or proposals you'd like to put on tonight's agenda
    • report-backs from any of your working groups
    • updates from your collective
    • any brief announcements
    • updates on any conflict mediation
    • if you've asked anybody to leave the building due to safe space issues
  • please be BRIEF! Less than 4 minutes per person! Anything that might take longer must be put on the agenda as a discussion item
  • yar sudoroom sort-of
  • sarah, secretary, working groups, almost done with mudding & taping the former crow's nest room. hopefully ready for equipment storage in ~2 weeks
    • we have a utility sink in hallway bathroom
  • anka: almost out of the room. just need to clean.
    • they'll still be a member collective
  • jake
    • emailed PLP folks. bruno said it's not gonna work out because "omni doesn't seem solid enough, we need something reliably secure. maybe in the future when you all get more together. whole omni project doesn't seem solid right now." so Jake emailed back asking for another chance to discuss their concerns and desires and is waiting to hear back
  • helen, fnb
  • marc: sudo mesh talking to ISOC, co-applying for grant to set up wifi @ local encampment in february
  • patrik, ccl still losing money every month, can continue for "several more months" like this. scheduling mushroom workshops. covid preventing most events.
  • angela shows up at the end


  • john resigning, we need a new one. Will send official resignation mid Feb

collective debts

  • yar continues to avoid the r word
  • we need serious cash
  • Sudo debt resolved (see below) - others?
  • NOMA owed $1K but is dissolving - agreed to forgive (see below)
  • CSC & GWS are behind by a month or so
  • FYE are behind again, will make a formal proposal soon, might dissolve?
  • CCL & mesh are current
  • ANV is behind but they have the money and it will probably be resolved soon - invoices probably going to wrong person

vegan cheese bank account

  • ccl needs to change people on the "real vegan cheese" bank account. discussion of logistics, finding and coordinating signers
  • move to sub-account at Unify currently vacant either BAPS or Village?


  • Sarah: NOMA is dissolving and moving their stuff out, but never paid the $250/month that was agreed on
    • contract signed May 2021 to go effect in July - theoretically 6 months
    • they said in email that it didn't go into effect september, and that money in their bank account now is owed to members for supplies
    • so the total debt is $1k
  • do we want to forgive some or all of that?
    • anka: i'm in favor of forgiving it
    • yar in favor of forgiving $1k also
    • helen: we might as well. i don't see us getting it
  • what happened to NOMA?
    • yar: attrition mostly. didn't do enough outreach and ran out of energy.
    • sarah: typical for disaster relief organizing
  • free store is separate from NOMA and will continue
  • what's left in basement?
    • anka: some stuff left
  • CONSENSUS on forgiving $1k from NOMA, as soon as their area is cleaned out by march: yes (Helen/fnb, Jake/sudo, Patrik/ccl, anka/ll, juul/mesh) abstain (none) block (none)


  • has anyone heard from them? Jake exchanged emails. see above.

Roof updates

  • Mike up there almost every day. Has torn out much of the old layers above sudo/ccl - finding soggy layers even weeks after the rain. Planning to completely redo and improve grading. Mike's Tahoe job got snowed out. Has been buying the "fancy silicone" - DIY has been paying for some of it.
  • patrik: Mike said that the graffiti (west) wall of sudo/CCL needs fixing.
    • sarah: could he give us recommendation on what kind of siding we need
    • patrik: we might be able to see it from the street on 48th
    • sarah will ask (or DK, when he gets back next week)
  • marc heard noises close to midnight - it was mike working on the roof
  • skylights are still being shipped

Sudo rent mitigation proposal

  • https://pad.riseup.net/p/sudo-rent-forgive - proposing to ask for forgiveness for 50% of one year's rent - $12K. Would not leave much in Sudo's bank account.
  • paying $12k seems reasonable to me
  • CONSENSUS: yes (patrik/ccl, jake/sudo, anka/ll, marc/mesh) abstain (helen/fnb) block (none); PASSES


  • a handful of things need approval
    • reimbursing $580 to DIY for emergency plumbing
    • $500 on basement furnace air filter access
    • $510 crows nest drywall
    • $500 emergency lights in restrooms
  • CONSENSUS on reimbursing $2090 to DIY for those: yes (patrik/ccl, jake/sudo, marc/mesh, anka/ll) abstain (helen/fnb) block (none); PASSES

End of Meeting