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Omni Commons Events Working Group Meeting, Friday February 4th 2022 5pm

  • present: yar, joe
  • eventually present: sarah, silver, gary/romii

skating event

  • February 13th (next sunday) Contact person Gary Jackson
  • roller skating, ~50 people, no food, no drinks, over by 9pm
  • cap at 40. Silver will help Gary buy insurance.
  • need to sign a contract.
  • OK to follow county's vaccination mandate (cross-check vaccine card or QR code with picture ID)
  • Vendors in entrance hall; entrance through corner
  • Designated smoking area outdoors - where? Stay away from Omni windows. On 48th? Or perhaps on Shattuck closer to Children's?


Current revamped contract by Jesse is missing a lot of the implementation details that the old form had: will there be alcohol, will there be security, etc.

  • Need to improve information for event requests on website, on airtable form, and on contract

ballroom construction

  • what things are blocking?
  • skylight installation already started
  • some cleaning, disassemble scaffolding
  • window motors maybe optional


  • writing down everything people know to join the group!
  • deferred due to low attendence etc



  • researching new request & calendar software
  • deferred due to low attendence etc