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Omni Commons Events Team Meeting, Wednesday April 20th 2022

present: yar, joe, rafiq, micha, marquise

pending events

  • Thurs Apr cleaning party
  • fri apr 22 miriam (overnight) [Micha and Yar is taking over contract details]
  • Sun Apr 24 omni open house [micha]
    • set up at 11:30
    • help with reaching out to food and other vendors
    • People's Park Council
  • sun may 1 Queer Expression Oakland Dance, wants disco room 10-3 [rafiq]
  • sun may 1 news & letters meeting, wants disco room 5-7 [silver]
  • fri May 6 Memorial for Jimmie [joe]
  • fri May 6 Savonna TV 7pm [Joe]
    • may do sound check this weekend
  • sat may 7 ghassan kanafani anthology launch [Micha and Marquise]
  • Sat may 14 SRA private mtg [marquise]
  • sat may 14 BCC concert with local artists, 5-9 not too late, find ways to fundraise for omni. work with tamarack for bar. [marquise + micha]
  • sat may 21 PARAColombia v2 - wants disco room [silver]
  • sat/sun may 21/22 TANC wants ballroom [billy?]
  • sat jun 18 baby shower $500 for disco room 2-4pm [rafiq]
  • sat jun 25 fiona partylife concert, their trial event [marqiuse + micha]
    • $500 is not enough!
  • family not a group - they just messaged, FNG is waiting for bar to be more updated before throwing an event
    • agreement that loud music after midnight is not gonna be ok going forward - miriam will be the last kind of event like that
  • oshan world folk jam, still interested. [marquise will contact]


  • sarah had reported bugs on mailing list ("website / calendar issue") and marquise fixed them

onboarding doc

Discuss details/addendum onContracts

AV training

  • when? tomorrow!


  • ballroom is still super dusty
  • tomorrow (thursday) 4/21 3-6 work day
    • get Sarah to do AV training

Tabled for next meeting:


  • Outreach to other people about omni - how is it happening?

peoples experience

  • Sarah wanted to talk about ppls experiences with event hosting


    • Ongoing meetings wed 4-5 biweekly** next mtg May 4th