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previous notes at https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Meetings

present: yar, silvia, joe, KO, marquise, micha


  • palestinian youth movement is requesting lots of events - we should streamline a process for them?
  • not paying much, but always clean up after themselves, always small simple meetings
  • micha knows & trusts these folks
  • yar can make keys

pending events

  • fri may 6 memorial 1-4 [joe]
  • fri may 6 savonna's tv 6-9 [joe]
  • sat may 7 labor notes, ballroom 6-11 [joe]
  • sat may 7 kanafani private meeting, disco room [m&m]
  • sun may 8 cleaning party! disco room, entrance hall, etc
  • wed may 11 PYM [micha]
  • fri may 13 PYM [micha]
  • sat may 14 SRA private meeting, disco room $50 [marquise]
  • sat may 14 BCC concert, ballroom 5-10pm [m&m]
  • sun may 15 queer expression dance, disco room 10-3 [yar]
  • sun may 15 news & letters, disco room 5-7 [silver]
  • fri may 20 ghassan kanafani anthology launch (PYM), ballroom [m&m]
  • fri may 20 welcome roda (capoera) [micha]
    • never responded to micha - probably found another spot?
    • PYM gets ballroom because roda didn't respond - maybe they can have disco room
  • sat may 21 paracolombia, disco room [silver]
  • sat may 21/22 TANC, ballroom [joe + billy]
  • sat jun 18 baby shower $500 for disco room 2-4pm [rafiq + marquise]
    • don't need insurance, $600 total, 50 people?
  • sat jun 18 graduation, ballroom, 150 people 2-6pm [joe]
    • just warn them about noise? and if they want ballroom change the day
  • sat jun 25 cam life / reggae / fiona [marquise]
  • east bay fusion - talk ongoing [marquise]

abc license

  • KO: when i was doing something, it was per-day
  • yar will put KO in touch with david


  • paypal is easy - can people add a note to payment? let's take a look


  • turns out they charge per user so we might have to go back to sharing passwords, yar will work on finding a good shared email


  • disco room is a mess! work party sunday 11-4
  • folks piled a bunch of stuff in ballroom (was it sarah doing drywalling?)

orienting people

  • volunteer onboarding meetings? 2nd & 4th thursdays
  • KO suggests reframing it as an omni-wide coffee hour