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== bogss ==
== bogss ==
* waiting on jake
* waiting on jake
* final text at https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/hKtAjkH0814Cr5ynSChp6tjW/
* final text at [[BOGSS]]
* MOP are in support of it
* MOP are in support of it
* joe wishes more of the authors/signers were here tonight. joe is okay going forward on behalf of FNB
* joe wishes more of the authors/signers were here tonight. joe is okay going forward on behalf of FNB

Latest revision as of 06:19, 13 September 2023

Omni Delegates' Meeting - Thursday June 16 2022 7pm-9pm

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s: Billy
  • Stacktaker:
  • Timekeeper:
  • Notetaker/s: Patrik
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s):


  • inactive groups: CSC, FYE, GWS, LL, sudo mesh
  • ANV: active, Silver
  • CCL: active, Patrik
  • CLP: active, billy
  • FNB: active, joe
  • MOP: depends, Jacqi
  • Sudo Room: active
  • Quorum (2/3 of active groups): need 4



BRIEF INTROS MAY INCLUDE: name, pronouns, groups you're in, land you're on, if you're a delegate, unmet access needs, meeting roles you'd like to help with, discussion topics or proposals to add to agenda, announcements/updates/report-backs from your groups, safe space issues or updates

  • billy CLP they/them
  • jacqi MOP she/her
  • yar
    • still need secretary
    • give me an email address to become a meeting host
    • are FYE and liblens still member collectives?
  • silvia she/her CLP
  • joe FNB, peoples park
    • text SAVETHEPARK to ???
  • helen
  • kai they/them, fundraising wg
  • patrik CCL delegate he/him
  • silver ANV delegate


  • waiting on jake
  • final text at BOGSS
  • MOP are in support of it
  • joe wishes more of the authors/signers were here tonight. joe is okay going forward on behalf of FNB
  • Patrik is reviewing final version on behalf of CCL. suggests removing a group should be "consensus minus one" rather than majority vote. that's been added as a note. not a blocking concern, but we should clean this up.
    • yar suggests we pass the language and just leave this section open for future clarification
    • helen: in that case, that language should just be deleted from the version we pass tonight
  • silver & ANV say yes
  • part of it's still in red ("In this record the names of people accused of harmful actions will be redacted.")
    • geraldo: we're concerned about redacting names. also need to update bylaws to conform to the "consensus minus one" thing vs majority vote.
      • We made friendly amendments to the proposal:
        • The Committee will make a record of each meeting available to the Omni delegates and the BOGSS Congress
        • BOGSS may recommend the expulsion of a member collective which must then be approved by a /consensus/ vote of the delegates at a delegate meeting
  • helen: FNB decided to stand aside / abstain
    • joe: still thinking. not sure how much representation we'll have.
    • internal problem within FNB. depends on peoples' availability. scheduling the congress needs to be done carefully.
  • final edits being done now
  • jake's not here. sudoroom's a founding member collective. worried about having less than full consensus. but sudoroom edits had already been incorporated here.
  • CONSENSUS: YES (patrik/ccl, silver/ANV, jacqi/geraldo/MOP, billy/CLP) ABSTAIN (joe/helen/FNB) BLOCK (none). PASSES!
  • need to export this document into an immutable version so we know what version passed before it changes

event money

  • follow up on yar's proposal for event group to keep some of its income
  • See https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Event:2022/06/02_Delegates#event_money
  • yar: Details need to be specified. How much money will be transferred when, especially in the beginning. E.g. monthly payments starting in September? For refi purposes doesn't matter as much - it's still in an Omni bank account. But money used still on other side of the ledger
    • Billy: What if it's used for building improvements?
  • helen: it should be explicit in the proposal what it's to be used for
    • The point is to give the WG more autonomy: decisions should be made by the people doing the work. Adds incentive for events group to bring in more money. Still 501(c)3 money - need follow rules, be transparent. "the delegates need to delegate." Having to get every line items approved is serious impediment.
  • joe: for big things - capital improvements to ballroom specifically, like installing lighting bar above the stage to support screen ... that'd eat up their budget?
    • yar: they'd have the choice to do it fast and not wait for delegates approval and burn through their savings, or to wait a few weeks and go through delegates. at least they'd have the first option
  • patrik would want some very brief reports at delegates meetings for transparency
    • all agreed, these reports would be great
  • questions
    • Who has access to the bank account?
    • How much money gets transferred to Omni, and when?
    • What classes of purchases can the money be used for?
  • FINAL PROPOSAL: events group will keep its money in a separate Omni bank account, and will accumulate money through the first week of september. By that time, the delegates will make a decision about how and when money will start to be transferred to omni's general funds.
    • hopefully delegates can talk about this in the next 2 weeks


  • omni documentary (kai + billy). feedback? volunteers to be interviewed? who else should we talk to?
  • kai: so much to document, so much happening. summary of some of the angles they'd take. want to document how omni works - there's nothing else like it in the us. lots of groups could learn from it
  • billy and kai are thinking of shooting a teaser video for crowdfunding. continuation of noemie's 2014 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Zccga90hcY
  • if omni still exists in january, this will help make money. if it doesn't this will be an important document about what we all were able to do.
  • kai: want feedback! i'm seed funding and acting as exec producer. billy is directing. recruiting cinematographer. noemie and anka are cool with giving old footage. the ask is for folks to give interviews, get representatives. anybody connected to omni!
  • billy: thoughts?
    • patrik: awesome, exactly what should be happening, thanks for taking initiative
    • joe: i like it. it'd be very interesting to see how, when you actually sit down and write a script, you record the history of omni. i can't wait to see it. willing to be in it
    • patrik willing too
  • helen: it's great, something that is really past due. appreciation for the fantastic amount of work involved. willing to be in it.
  • yar: nervous to be in it, but would work with folks on it. wants to join the "watch party" for noemie's old footage.
  • joe: needs a child being born
  • jacqi: awesome & important. we're passionate about making sure this work gets out there. happy to be part of it.
  • next steps: come back to folks via email, schedule interviews. who else should we talk to?
  • joe: where do you want content sent? has a lot of stills & video
    • emails to both billy and kai. same with putting them in touch with interview subjects: kai + billy
    • videos: upload to google drive or dropbox first, don't email directly
  • yar will reach out to other folks who might want to be in it

Financial update

  • yar: sarah made us thorough reports for the month of may, sent them to the finance list about 3 hours ago. personally i've not had time yet to comb through them, but very excited to!


  • hired grantwriter with donated money from kai - bonnie will work 6 hours / week through december
  • gofundme campaign july 1 (15?) - sep 1
    • ASK: Social media volunteers for campaign?
    • gonna close the old gofundme, and set a new one for $100k for sept 1
  • patrik: experience from CCL, prep time is better. happy to help magnify on social media through CCL
  • talk to a bunch of journalists so they can have a story ready by the time the fundraiser starts?
  • have a press release ready! who's good at writing those?
    • Also include some high res photographs
  • jacqi: has written press releases before (so has Patrik)
  • yar: if someone provides the framework / outline, i can help fill it in
    • kai can try writing a really high level sketch

Skylight refunds

  • patrik: Jesse sent demand letter to Mike Tenuto, asking for our refund by today. No answer so far. Next steps: complaint letter to CSLB?
  • the bond is no longer active. mike's license expired while we were negotiating with him. we don't have too much recourse. small courts claim would win, probably we'd win, but still would not have mechanism to get money back.
  • jesse suggested a more experienced law firm with construction law. likely throwing good money after bad.
  • has anybody ever written a complaint letter to CSLB?
  • Do we need a vote on this? Seems covered on previous discussion
  • If anyone wants to follow up, they have license from delegates to do so.
  • yar: personally i've moved on and want to focus on the future

security proposal discussion

  • billy - having all of our meeting notes open to the public is a huge security risk, especially with the nature of the high standards of keeping a non profit legit, yet the reality of us not meeting many of those standards sometimes. aside from that being a "radical space" in an increasingly fascist state with an overtly criminal police force provides easy access to our internal functioning to people who don't really like groups like us existing. marginalized people are the ones who will have to deal with state violence more than anyone, and so in order to create a truly secure space that is safe for unhoused folks, colonized people, trans people, etc, simple security decisions like this would be a huge step forward in that arena
  • yar: hard sell. want to have a [long] convo w/ Billy offline. tries to be a careful notetaker. no last names, PII.
    • yar re opsec: the presence of meeting notes has saved us many times. our threat model is neighbors, who read our meeting notes and find out that we are not vulnerable. from the POV of the building/fire department, they expect to see ppl who are super disorganized, but they actually see we're on top of things re: taking things seriously (permits, etc).
    • yar: threats to individual ppl could maybe be convincing as a reason
  • patrik: agree with yar. this came out of discussions re radical transparency. it's practical to share with CCL members bc i just give them the link to the meeting notes
  • Kai: could have wiki with password. Cannot always rely on notetakers to censor sensitive issues from notes. Security benefits greater than accidental benefits from having public notes
  • Jacqi: Likes idea of radical transparency - important to share what we do. But security important too - e.g. legal issues with someone. Find way to still share what we really want to be public
  • Silvia: certain things we don't necessarily be public; some people may hold back if they know it will be posted publicly
  • Billy: Radical transparency with each other is important, but don't feel need to being completely transparent with complete stranger
  • Helen: reluctant to give up radical openness - Omni was founded based on idea of doing things different. Perhaps only specific conversations should be in a "privileged" category
  • yar: can ppl highlight the moments when they feel that chilling effects are happening?
  • also considering the added complexity of maintaining a private wiki - something to think more about

End of Meeting