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Omni Delegates' Meeting - March 16, 2023 7pm-9pm

Meeting Details


  • Facilitator/s: jake
  • Stacktaker:
  • Timekeeper:
  • Notetaker/s:
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s):


  • inactive groups: ANV, CSC, GWS, SM
  • BOGSS: geraldo
  • CCL: patrik
  • CLP: silvia
  • FNB: joe
  • LL: active
  • MOP: jacqi
  • SR: jake
  • Quorum (2/3 of active groups): need 5


BRIEF INTROS MAY INCLUDE: name, pronouns, groups you're in, land you're on, if you're a delegate, unmet access needs, meeting roles you'd like to help with, discussion topics or proposals to add to agenda, announcements/updates/report-backs from your groups, safe space issues or updates

  • jake, any, sudoroom, facilities, asking for people to help take notes here
  • patrik, he/him, CCL
  • jacqi, she/her, MOP,
  • silvia, she/her, CLP,
  • geraldo, he/they, BOGSS, update is alot of people are out rn, so its slow moving
  • silver, not a delegate
  • joe, delegate for FNB

report so Sarah L.

Omni owes $40k in property taxes next month. Jesse is going to contact Emily about the contract settlement. Sarah L. has sent in the mulberry trust report.


  • proposal from last meeting to hire susan silber


  • Silver: we talked about labor group, Kai has been task facilitator for fundraising working group, Silver will act as a sort of "hr" role to support in communication as they have relationship with Susan, Sarah has experience with finance/grant writing and can oversee work quality/efficiency
  • patrik: has the contract been finalized for her?
  • silver: no, i think we would do that after we approve this. I think the labor committee should be able to figure that out, and the proposal she offered was very specific and we think it looks good. The contract lists a completion of certain deliverables.

Vote on proposal: in-favor: patrik/CCL, silvia/CLP, joe/FNB, jake/SUDO, geraldo/BOGSS, jacqi/MOP, proposal passes

finance person settlement email

  • jake ask all delegates if the private email discussion with Jesse (our lawyer) to finish out final payment to former contractor is acceptable, joe and patrik say yes

use of the Den space

  • unschooling
  • this other youth group, Tuesdays 9-4
  • YVA we're still in conversation with them
  • united us uses the omni office as shared storage space as 3 month trial. they want to become collective after the trial. they use the den on mondays and wednesday 6pm to 9pm. they would like to extend to use the disco room if not in use.

jake/silver mediation

  • silver: since geraldo and jake are both here, i'd like to bring up mediation so we can move forward
  • geraldo: i thought we were going to meet in person but Silver is not in town, and I was hoping more BOGSS people could be involved but others are unavailable right now, but we can expedite it by doing it online if that works (silver and jake both agree to that)

End of Meeting