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Event Bottomliner Checklist


  • Event organizer should arrive at least 30 minutes before the event depending upon the type / amount of setup required
  • Set up space
  • Check bathrooms



  • Provide at least one "door person" to stay by the entrance

Host / Contact

  • Designate at least one person to be main contact/host during the event
    • This person should not be the door person
    • They should be able to answer questions and handle or delegate a response to any unforeseen situations


Event Areas

  • Put away all chairs, tables, etc. (ie: return room to its original state)
  • Sweep ballroom, entry way, stage, mezzanine, any other areas that were being used
  • Wipe down bar and benches in ballroom


  • Always be mindful of how you can reduce the amount of trash your event generates
  • Throw away all trash / empty any small trashcans in to large rolling trash bins
  • Return large rolling trash bins to utility room
  • Replace trash bags in small trashcans

Bath Rooms

  • Replace toilet paper
  • Wipe down toilets, sinks, and floor
  • Empty trash and replace trash bags


  • Make sure there is someone on your clean up staff who knows the Omni closing procedure