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About the OOC

How can my collective join the Omni Commons?

Currently, you may attend a Delegates Meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month to learn more about the project and propose your group for participation in the project. To Propose a project, please read this document and fill out the questionnaire. Thanks. Questions for New Collectives

How does the Omni Commons make decisions?

The Omni Commons is composed of representative delegates from each of the member groups. Decisions are made through consensus among the delegates present at a regular delegates meeting. A delegate may, if they deem it necessary, postpone a decision until the next meeting to give more time for deliberation within their member group.

How does the Omni Commons sustain itself financially?

  • Each member collective contributes an agreed-upon amount monthly toward facilities and shared expenses, such as utilities, insurance, and taxes.
  • Common spaces in the building (eg; the ballroom, disco room, basement, entrance hall, and small meeting rooms) are rented out on a sliding-scale basis to aligned groups, projects, and nonprofit organizations.
  • The Fundraising Working Group works on writing grants for necessary high-cost projects, such as renovating the commercial kitchen.
  • Donations are tax-deductible and always appreciated!
  • See the Finances page for a breakdown of our monthly income and expenses.


Is there a listserv I can join to get up-to-date news on the OOC?

  • For general announcements (low traffic), join announce
  • For discussion around logistics (high traffic), join discuss
  • There are many other lists, see the lists page for a list of lists!