FTP Awards 2015

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1. Khombo, by Bluu 1 minute

Best Action Film Award

2. Pressure, by Lily Yu - 2:05

Best Youth Perspective Award

3. Checkmate , by Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang - 4:00

Award for Best Metaphoric Video

4. Dream, by Marielle Boland and Julia Retzlaff - 4:07

Best Rap Video Award

5. Fat-shamed into Self Love, by Lour Darden - 3:37

Most Courageous Film Award

6. And They Jumped Into The Water…Some, by Lois Moses ~ 8:37

Best Visual Poetry

7. La Petite Salon, by Caroline H. Le 15:00

Best Family Drama

People's Choice Award!

8. The Choice, by Caleb Parazette - 8:18

Best Satire Award

9. Safi, by Rinkesh Patel - 4:30

Peaceful Warrior Award

10. Black Skin, White tee - 0:47

11. The Real Bogeyman - 4:00

by Remo Conscious

Poetic Rebellion Award

12. Showdown at Highway 134, by Franklin Lopez - 5:12

Victory Against Oppression Award

13. Ballad of the Green Beret, by Kevin Keating - 5:00

Award for Best Screenplay

14. Consequences of War, by Leland Mitchell Tong - 5:57

Award for Best Anti-War Movie

15. Pure Lung, by Kent Kessinger ~ 10 :32

Most compelling movie

16. Chainwheel, by Sean Tambour Marshall - 13:00

Nat Turner Award

People's Choice Award!

17. Welcome To Afrikatown, by Caitlin Manning - 6:02

Award for Best Local Struggle Movie

18. Pueblote, by Esteban Noyola, Cyrus Bautista, and Marielle Boland 7:11

Best Guerilla Gardening Movie

19. Aunti Frances Loves Mission Self-Help Hunger Program, by Lucas Guilkey 7:45

Most Badass Hero Award

People's Choice Award!

20. Pravda Ecstatic, by Tsering Norbu

Award for Most Creative Editing