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Omni Fin/Fun working group 1.26.21

Draft Decisions and Notes. (Please correct, add to, as needed)

1. We have approved Sarah Lockhart as Omni Commons bookkeeper

2. We need to create a template for our agendas and an accessible place for our agendas and notes.

3. We need 2 or 3 people to work on a process for how we apply for grants and loans from foundations and non-profits. We all need to know how to present ourselves. We could spend ½ meeting on other stuff and ½ on filling out loan application with screen sharing.

4. Silver has submitted the application for a SBA grant.

5. Collected donations received $57,624 spent $6,000 =$51000 Last year $87,000 exp 135,000 gross 223,000 compared with 125,000 Last year $11,000. May 1st money is due. $5,570.

6. Rent payments from Collectives need to be recorded. Liberated Lenz owes $900 for 3 months rent. We need to get a better understanding of what they owe. FIE owes 2 months and making an effort. Quickbooks errors sometimes. Money comes in-Quickbooks says this is for that and you have to OK it.

7. ReelVeganCheese wants to set up a PayPal account with Mark Ual (sp) as signer. Open with Self Help bank account.

8. From Facebook we made $1300 in December. It was doubled so we have $2600.

9. NOMA's Application for membership has to come through Finance. They are working on their ByLaws. People doing the day to day work want to be an independent group. Skeptical of joining Omni because of 'cultural differences'. Vicki said there are 'oppositional attitudes'. Restorative justice is needed. Things need to be cleared up. Proposal says “what is your organization status?” Project is already a partnership. As written, their Application for Membership is far from what it needs to be. There is a misunderstanding about what fiscal sponsorship means. Confusing fiscal support with Sponsorship. Vicki's status is as a volunteer with North Oakland Restorative Justice Council. 501c3 requirements. All collectives have to be non-profits or be fiscally sponsored. Finite group of people with 'naive consensus'. Have to have some kind of formal status for Omni's property tax status and IRS.

10. Yar sending an email to NOMA (North Oakland Mutual Aid) folks about their status. MaryAnn wants to go over the process at a meeting with them. When we begin renting space again, where will they be? Maybe they could reserve Wed. and Saturday. Acta Non Verba. Ballroom and Entrance Hall. The reality of them having to move to the basement when we are able to begin renting space has to be in the agreement with NOMA. NOMA is doing packaging on every other Saturday afternoon.

11. We have $13,000 in kitchen fund, need $100,000 to go. Lift for basement would be great.

12. Electrical outlets $300-500 an outlet. $600 including permits? Do we need to take this to Delegates for approval of the possible $1200 for electrical? Townfridge people might be willing to support this.

13. We need an Estimate on fixing the boards on the South side. MaryAnn's son might be willing.

14. Yar will get 3 bids and quotes for a new roof. We will go with the most reasonable. We are working on having a new loan by May including money for a new roof. We need to get bids and schedule for June or July.

15. Ballroom Upgrade, upgrade skylights, storm windows, install sprinkler system. John said he would draft a Business Plan. We could buy a beer and wine license from a going-out-of-business place, Maybe Starline. Natasha might know and Adam. We need approval from the board. Need specific leads wrapped up in a business proposal. Sprinkler system will up our loan and we could triple people capacity. Make us a competitive venue.

16. Robb will search the file cabinet for the State 2016 taxes and Articles of Incorporation, and email Jesse about how to get an extension. Yar will email Jenny about the 2016 State tax forms. Having this hanging over us threatens to close down our 501c3. Maria and one of our officers will have to submit the 2016 and only half of it has been filled out. Laura said they did the returns by hand and submitted by snail mail. Copies should be in the office files. Articles of Incorporation should be in there too. Sarah could do it if she could find the data for that time. Have to do it ASAP. It might take Sarah a bit of time to do taxes. She might need to help us to redo it. Midyear we transferred from SudoRoom to Omni Commons in Nov. or Dec. of that year. Confusing. Did it by hand.

17. We owe NORJC's Security deposit and last months rent $641 plus $1500. We might owe Fat Beets also for August. Have to figure.