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2.2.21 Omni Fin/Fun (Building? just kidding)Working Group 2pm

Discussion of Loans and Grants work. How to do it together w/screen sharing Rotate Facilitating and Note taking and Decision taking MaryAnn-2nd Round of State Grants starts today Feb. 2nd. Not eligible for Save Our Stages. Have to have at least 70% musical events Jane-SBA Disaster Loan still in the works. Jane will email them at Rachel-Outreach to people who have money, Churches, etc. They want us to find people willing to invest in Omni in terms of refinancing the Loan. If we can get some people to loan $20,000 who also work with banks to invest. Time involved to find investors is too great right now, but might be something we could do in the future. We need to be in a bit better shape. Yar-People looking for some place to invest sustainably and ethically. How much time? As an alternative to the Self-Help application? MaryAnn-This could go on at the same time. Need to continue with the Self-Help application. We have a lot of principle in the building. If we got a few more investors we could do it. Rachel-got a good feel from them. We could reach out to people with money to invest responsibly, ethically. Samble out of Washington State would help organize people with money. MaryAnn-2016 missing taxes, perhaps not complete. Robb-will ask Sarah to check on this, found in the google drive. Natasha and Jane will organize the files this Saturday at 9:30. Stuff on the desk will need to be filed. (Robb shared Code for office) Skylights are leaking. Can get on the roof. Trapdoor on the mezzanine with ladder next to it. We have wet patch tar. Clear silicone. Go Fund Me Natasha has been thanking everyone who gave money. $9,000 so far. Will update soon and send another blast. Change the amount of the goal. Yar-Insurance Waiting on the outlets at this point. Talk to our broker and see if the fridge might be an issue. Electrician will come out sometime this week and give an estimate. Around $1,000. $2,000 Home Depot card. No response from Jenny. Card in Jenny's name. Not in FastPack. Yar will try that. Monthly Income Robb will send to the Delegates mtg. Yar sent an email to Vicky and she followed up on thread. NOMA asked what is needed for their application. MaryAnn sent an email to Vicky and reassured her that CSC was supportive. Crucial element that needed to be clarified was the Non-Profit status. Explained to her what that meant and apologized to her if there were hard feelings. Explained what has to be in the application. Not needing ByLaws. Fiscally Sponsored by a 501c3. We can give fiscal sponsorship if they can't get it from OCUEJ. If they have that we can go ahead with next steps, rent, etc. Lack of Non-Profit status is the problem. They need to go over the outline and their application and redo it. Yar wrote an email and a 1.26.21 reply said that they were sorting that out. Helping to resolve the miscommunication. Yar will try that. Will become apparent when we begin. Seems like they were trying to sort out with OCUEJ about rent. MaryAnn will rewrite the Outline and add information that is needed. Structure doesn't mean much. Tomorrow around noon or 1pm Yar and MaryAnn will go over the Outline (which is the summary, table of contents to the Roadmap). Rob-Jessy's legal invoice is $529 - 4.6 hours Sept 3rd to January 27th. Drafting the event agreement. He attached a letter with it. Letter says he will be cutting back his hours from 5 to 3 days/week. Our next meeting will be the Loan and Grant application work Tuesday February 9th at 2pm.