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This page does not represent any kind of commitment to specific future budget expenses.
=Financial Information=
=Financial Information=
==Current Monthly Expenses==
==Current Monthly Expenses==

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This page does not represent any kind of commitment to specific future budget expenses.

Financial Information

Current Monthly Expenses

As of third quarter 2020, we pay roughly $11,350/month for various expenses. However, these calculations do not include various unexpected costs, such as roof repair, sewer lateral, etc. We are attempting to build a capital reserve fund with a combination of event rental income as well as grants and large donations. Currently, we have an operational reserve fund of approximately $30K.


Starting Jan 1st, 2017 we officially stopped paying rent and started paying off a mortgage loan! Our loan is for $975,000 at 5.5% interest, with a balloon payment due Jan 1st, 2021.

  • $5,677.89/mo at 5.5% accruing interest


  • Gas & Electric - ~$1,500/mo
  • Water - ~$350/mo
  • Garbage & Recycling - $916/mo
  • Internet - $152/mo


  • Directors & Officers Insurance - $175/mo
  • General Liability - $277/mo
  • Property - $730/mo

Other Expenses

  • Maintenance & Building Supplies - ~$500/mo
  • Independent Contractors: ~$1000/mo

Total: ~$11,350

Monthly Income

Revenue from Member Collectives

  • Chiapas Support Committee: $218
  • Counter Culture Labs: $2185
  • FYE: $350
  • Global Women's Strike - Omni Collective: $200
  • Liberated Lens: $300
  • Phat Beets: $625
  • Sudo Room: $2000
  • Sudo Mesh: $200 + 5% of any grants received up to $5000

'Total: $6,078/month'

Revenue from Other Supporters

  • The Commons Working Group works with many different groups and individuals that rent out spaces in the Omni on a sliding-scale basis. On average, space rental generates between $4000-$6000 each month. A fun working group that could always use more volunteers, ping the list to help with event coordination!
  • We are currently researching grants for capital improvement projects, such as building accessibility, kitchen remodeling, and structural improvements. Please drop us a line at fundraising AT omnicommons DOT org if you have any suggestions, or come to a Fundraising Working Group meeting!

Financial Statements

Sudo Room (Nov 2013-Nov 2016) > Omni Commons (Nov 2016-Current)

Omni Oakland Commons

990 Tax Forms

Sudo Room (2013-Nov 2016) > Omni Commons (Nov 2016-Present)

Omni Oakland Commons