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<gallery mode="nolines">
<gallery mode="nolines">
File:Omni full floorplan NS.jpg|Proposed Space Allocation (NS) (.jpg)
File:Omni full floorplan NS.svg|Proposed Space Allocation (NS) (.jpg)

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Annotated Floorplan

The following floorplan images have been annotated with corresponding names/numbers for the logical sections of the building. A composite "full" plan is provided, along with a file for each floor. The individual files should be sized to correspond to 1px = 1 inch.

This spreadsheet contains an estimate of the size and features of the spaces, based on name/number: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17DINigEczGwjfTdmdxl-MpYe1KJzJJDeCHRQnMC9usg/edit#gid=1418749855


Draft Initial Proposal

The following proposal is highly inaccurate, it's a first-stab gesture so we can drastically reshape and correct it.

You should be able to easily edit the "svg" version using Inkscape, available on every platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Draft Initial Proposal - NS

Another possible plan for space allocation

Draft First Floor Spa Proposal