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Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a California Nonprofit

Current action item: Each member group must review and consense on our Bylaws!

Current action item: File our Articles of Incorporation with the IRS

The Omni Oakland Commons is based on this original Founding Document.


How does the OOC make decisions?

The Omni Collective is composed of representative delegates from each of the member groups. Decisions are made through consensus among the delegates present at a regular meeting. A delegate may, if they deem it necessary, postpone a decision until the next meeting to give more time for deliberation within their member group.

How can I join the OOC?

Currently, you may attend a Meeting on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month to learn more about the project and propose your group for participation in the project. To Propose a project, please read this document and fill out the questionnaire. Thanks. Questions for New Collectives

How does the OOC sustain itself financially?

See our Business Model for information on the responsibilities of members and member groups, as well as income and expenditure flows. See also our Loan Terms document.