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{{#mermaid:graph TD;
{{#mermaid:graph TD;
   A1[Event Happening Now] --> A[ACTIVITY LOG]  
   A1[Event Happening Now] --> A[ACTIVITY LOG]  
  A2[Presented by non-Omni member] --> A1
  A2 --> B1
  A2 --> C9
  B1[Scheduled in future] --> C1
  C --> C1[Open to the Public]
  C1 -->|Booze Present| C2A[Yes booze] --> C
  C1 --> C2B[No booze]
  C1 --> B1A
  C3[50 or more people] --> C
  C9[No charitable purpose] --> C
  B1 --> B1A[Fewer than 50 people]
  B1 --> B1B[Private event]
  B1B --> B1A
  C5[Requires staffing] --> C
  B1B --> C3
  C1 --> C4
  C4[Admission fee] ---> C
  A4[Presented by Omni Member] --> B1B
  A4 --> C1
  B1A --> C2B
  C2B --> B

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A collection of experimental flowcharts about how to occupy space at omni


This is Yar's interpretation of sarah's draft


Sarah made a version here:

first draft

This was yar's first demonstration of a flow chart