How to book events

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People asked for a summary of how events in common areas get booked.

current way

This is how we've been doing things right now.

First check the calendar for conflicts:

Then, someone fills out this form:

The form sends an email to this list:

People on that list will review it, screen it for problems or objections that may come up. Anyone can be on that list who wants to review events.

If there are no objections after an unspecified period of time (somewhere between 1-8 days perhaps) then we can commit to the event, and sign a contract.

Then you have to manually add your event to the calendar:

We have no official prices. They've been negotiated ad hoc. If somebody could establish what the actual market values for our spaces are, that would definitely make those conversations easier. In general, we want to charge on a need-based and values-based sliding scale, where cash-strapped, community-based groups for a good cause get it for free or almost free, and wealthy corporate baby-eaters are milked shamelessly. Or something like that.

If an omni member group is sponsoring the event, they don't need to pay anything.

future way

We are developing a better system. The google doc will be replaced with a better form here: This form will automatically put things on a calendar, and possibly even check for conflicts.