How to write in wiki-ese

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One set of equal signs makes a large header

Two sets of equal signs makes a sub-header

Three sets of equal signs makes a topic header

  • An asterisk makes bullet points
If you put a space before a sentence, wiki puts your text in a little box like this. 

You will notice that when writing regular text, wiki doesn't acknowledge paragraph breaks unless you put a blank paragraph between them...

...Like the way this line is divided from the one above.

If you were to only hit "return" once, like this - wiki puts everything in the same paragraph. Notes can get confusing pretty quickly this way.

Smiley.png Got all that so far?? Time for level 2!

To insert a picture, first you have to upload the file. On the left of your screen, there's a navigational section called Tools, with a link that says "Upload file". Go there and follow the instructions for uploading, and make note of the file name. To put the picture in your page at its original size, all you have to do is type, in double brackets, File:whatever_the_file_name_was.jpeg (or whatever the file type was). There are also two other options for displaying images described on the Upload page.

If you want to link to an outside page, all you have to do is put the full URL. For example, If you want to give the hyperlink a different name, you put the full URL and the hyperlink name in square brackets, separated by a space. Example: Noemie's page

If you want to link to another page somewhere in this wiki, you use two square brackets and the complete name of the wiki page, and capitalization DOES matter! See how LLC Notes Archive takes you where you want to go, and LLC notes archive doesn't exist.

By the way, that's all you have to do to create pages on wiki; make an interior link to a page that doesn't exist. Then you can go to that page and edit it. Be aware of how your website is structuring. You have to build in your own navigation. Personally, I like to put "back" links on each page, so it's easier for the user to navigate.

Naming hyperlinks for interior wiki pages looks like this: <- Back to archive