Initial Move-in Finances

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Is your collective able to put down first, last, and deposit by May 1? How about May 15? Any extra funds/donations you could put toward the Omni deposit (probably somewhere in the range of 30k total)?

sudo room

  • Yes, by May 1 if consensus is reached to move in. ($6k)

Hacker Spa

  • If we reach consensus, May 15th with 3x rent, however rent amount depends on space and has not been consented on.

Live Space

  • Yes, by May 15th with 3x rent. $4,500

Oakland Nights Live

  • Yes, to 3x by May 1st or 15th. But, also, we also collectively decided we need to lower our commitment from $250/month to $100/month. That is only around 1% of the total rent, so hopefully it isn't much of an issue, but apologies. We want to commit to what we absolutely know we can pay and we've been doing $100/month for over a year. Being able to pay more would depend a lot on selling alcohol in the new space. If anyone has issues with this, contact Jeremy.

So, yes $300 on May 1st or 15th.

Bay Area Public School (BAPS)

Yes. $3K by May 1.