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Omni uses a variety of platforms for our internal communications. This page has information about how you can access these platforms and how we use each of them to share information.

Riseup Pad

Omni Riseup pad

  • Riseup pad is an etherpad, which is a live editing tool.
  • This platform supports collaborative & simultaneous editing.
  • This is useful for taking meeting notes, which you can then synthesize to post to a wiki page.


Omni wiki

  • Wiki is a collaborative knowledge platform, written in article form.
  • Does not support simultaneous editing; if more than one user attempts to edit a section at once, conflicts may arise, which you will be asked to reconcile.
  • To create a page you must create an account.
  • Remember to 'Save page' as Wiki does not autosave.

Mailing Lists

  • Omni logistics mailing list (high traffic):
  • Omni announcements mailing list (low traffic):
  • Our high-traffic mailing list is meant for asynchronous discussion, and can usually be delivered either as individual emails or in digest form.
  • Our low-traffic mailing list is meant for occasional, on-topic announcements (eg; announcing upcoming meetups and events)
  • We love! They run on donations and don't log IP addresses.
  • It's good practice to not start multiple threads a day or reply with one word responses!

Analog Notes

a notebook
analog notes taken on methods of Internal_Communications.

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