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UPDATE 2/5/2019: Roughly 3 dozen cracks were patched over the course of a roof-repair work party that took place on 27 January 2019. Many thanks to [User:yar], [User:tunabananas], Maria, Robb, Anka and Laura for hella throwin' down!

Remaining leaks exist generally in the vicinity of the skylights. Please pin building [AT] lists [DOT] omnicommons[ DOT] org with reports, feedback, further info, and offers to volunteer some help!


Location of roof-leaks need to be marked on the floor with a big 'X' marks the spot, and left there until the roofer comes.

1. First, as soon as you see the leak, put a quarter down on the floor right where the drop is falling (even if it is wet)

2. Then go acquire these things:

  • A mop and bucket if there is a lot of water / active leak,
  • At the least, a rag/handtowel in order to at least temporarily dry off the floor so the tape (marking an 'X') will stick
  • Two big pieces of painter's tape to make the 'X' on the floor (most important)
    • Note: Tape can be found in sudo room, currently they are hung on the wall at the base of the staircase that leads up to the ballroom stage
  • A permanent marker (Sharpie), if you can find one

3. Quickly dry and tape a big 'X' onto the floor marking the leak location, and write on the tape (not the floor) 'LEAK - Do Not Remove'

4. Describe the leak and its location (take a celphone picture, if you can!) in an email and send it building@lists.omnicommons.org or discuss@lists.omnicommons.org. The roofer will then be called.

5. The roof is guaranteed and so the roofer will come and fix it asap. But he cannot fix the leak if he does not know its location, so this step is necessary. Thanks :)