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How does your collective feel about good-faith loans toward this deposit? See our example Loan Terms contract to inform your response.

sudo room

Yet to be determined by consensus. Some folks are strongly opposed to (substantial) loans, while most feel small or good-faith loans are acceptable.

hacker spa

  • The priority for fundraising at this point should be donations and contributions from memeber collectives
  • The terms of any loan must be consented on by the collectives. If loans require payments to be made then an opperating agreement must be in place to clearly describe how money will flow through the collectives and back to creditors.

Timeless Infinite Light

Yes we're fine with this

Live Space

Yes, we're fine with loans and would like to be involved in any decision regarding how to structure repayment among the collectives.

Oakland Nights Live

Think loans are good for getting us into the space, since time is important. Once we are in, other fundraising options would be much better. Solid plan on paying them back is very important.