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=Meeting Minutes=
=Meeting Minutes=
Most meeting minutes are now linked via the [[Calendar]]

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Meeting Schedule

We meet on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month at 2141 Broadway.

  • 6:30pm for newcomers
  • 7:00pm for delegates (open to all)

Working Groups

See Working Groups for information on working groups & meetings


Meeting Minutes

Most meeting minutes are now linked via the Calendar

Past Meeting Notes
date comments
2014-07-10 Delegates mtg
2014-05-22 Delegates mtg
2014-05-15 Delegates mtg
2014-05-12 Challenging Dominant Cultures meeting
2014-05-08 Delegates mtg
2014-05-01 Delegates mtg
2014-04-22 Communications Committee
2014-03-27 bigger open meeting - quick info session. CCL & Tooth joined collective
2014-03-13 fourth meeting of delegates
2014-03-11 work meeting to draft corporate papers
2014-03-06 third meeting of delegates
2014-02-27 second meeting of delegates
2014-02-13 first meeting of delegates
2014-02-06 officially bootstrapping the Collective of Collectives
2013-12-05 intro & info
2013-11-20 intro & info