No Sidewalk Boozin

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Proposal: No Drinking of Alcohol on Sidewalks outside Omni

  • Proposal date: 2015-03-23
  • Put forward by: DK
  • Proposal that no alcohol is to be consumed on the sidewalks immediately outside the Omni by Omniers.
  • Rationale:
    • Recent evidence that, and communication from, Omni neighbors who like the Omni generally but at least some neighbors have shown that they will eventually call the cops on the perception of 'drunk people' hanging out outside Omni. The neighborhood is beginning to push back on this and we should respect that.
    • Drinking outside has also attracted local drunks who are not Omninoms with attendant safe space issues
    • This is a clear legal and liability issue for Omni. Cameras on buildings across the street record this activity 24x7 and this could be used to buttress any argument against Omni as a solid, safe place for community gatherings.
    • We recognize that this practice began after a long hard day of working on the space - laying up drywall etc - that folks wanted to simply sit outside, take a break and perhaps have a beer. However it shouldn't be the case that it is normal for having beers outside omni on a daily basis as inevitably trouble will result.
    • This is not a proposal for omni to be a 'dry' space which would be pretty much impossible considering the need of the frequent fundraisers, 'socials', ballroom rentals, etc. It is to say though that no alcoholic beverages are to be consumed in the immediate area outside the premises of Omni.
    • Note: To clarify, this prohibition would include the practice of transferring alcohol to a less-visible container in an effort to be more subtle - ie, that would not make any difference with respect to this proposal.