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==Omni - Throughout==
==Omni - Throughout==
* Implement new / upgraded trash system (Jenny)

==Hallways and Thoroughfares==
==Hallways and Thoroughfares==

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This page exists as a living checklist for all the tasks we need to get done for Omni to be "ready" ;)

Once a task is completed:

  • It should be crossed out
  • Incomplete tasks are not crossed out yet!



See full documentation on Ballroom-readiness page.


Cosmetic Work

A/V and Stage Production


(kitchen + fnb + mpm + baps + bhc + omp + ?)


  • Expand walls
  • Seal off pantry (give to black hole collective labs)
  • Install dish washer
  • Finish fixing up stoves & overhead
  • Build closet for mop sink and water heater
  • Coat / seal floor


  • Move all shelves and books up into the ballroom

Bocce Ball Court

(sudo + ccl)

La Commune


(til + tiny-room + den + kitchenette + shower + bathroom)

Disco Room

Rise Above

Bike Kitchen

Walk-in Freezer

Omni - Throughout

  • Implement new / upgraded trash system (Jenny)

Hallways and Thoroughfares

  • Remove trash cans, store somewhere not in path of travel
  • Make tape-based paths for unclear areas to maintain accessible paths free from clutter.


  1. Do all doors need to be lockable? Do any need to be electrified? Why? No ballrom doors are primary access, right?